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Hogg must Blog

I’m seriously considering firing this thing back up after a three year hiatus. Lately, as I move through life, I find that I miss having the voice I developed here for so many years and find that I have things to say that ought not be kept to myself, lest I bust out in hives. [...]

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Update: The N&R reported the dropping of Emmett Morphis’ charges. Reporter Jennifer Fernandez placed the body of the article in the comments below. Thanks, N&R, you did good. ********************* Back when I was blogging regularly, I would read the paper and post my take on whatever interested me.  In February of 2008, two articles in [...]

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In Memoriam: War Memorial Stadium

Pretty, isn’t it? This is the latest architectural rendering of what the exterior of Greensboro’s long neglected War Memorial Stadium will look like if our City Council approves the expenditure of the $1.3M that was earmarked a couple of years ago, via 2/3rds bonds, for the ‘renovation’ of our National Registry of Historic Places property. [...]

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Alston: “More to it than meets the eye..”. Indeed.

Well now. Meanwhile, over at Ed Cone’s, following up on his explosive blog post regarding Deena Hayes and Weaver/Quaintance’s freedom of information request, Yes! Weekly’s Jordan Green: “What records do the city and county have referencing the hotel project or recovery zone bonds that could possibly be considered protected? On what grounds would they try [...]

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I’d fight, too.

I’d do the same thing if I were Dennis Quaintance and Mike Weaver…. and then some. If a bunch of influential people got together, with the assistance of  government, and were looking to start a company that will be in direct competition with my niche-market, self-financed and struggling-in-this-economy window restoration business – I’d be doing [...]

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Double Hung, LLC: Government Collection Agency

My company has 9 employees, one of which (that’d be me) is the combined Human Resources, Accts Payable, Accts Receivable, Sales, Payroll, Purchasing and Collections departments.  Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands. Recently, I realize that I’m also – by law  – an unpaid collection agent for any [...]

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Swim Center funding – a retrospective

As the debate surrounding funding for Greensboro’s proposed swim center heats up, I thought a little background might be in order. July 9th, 08 – Parks & Rec Commission votes (PDF, p5) to send a $20M list of projects to City Council.  The swim center is not on that list. July 11th, 08 – City [...]

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He solved the problem. No muss, no fuss.

Charles Haithcock – my hero.  The incident happened a scant three blocks from me and my family. His demeanor… calm.   His justice.. swift.   His sense of the law…. infallible.

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Recession takes a Holliday

Reliable sources tell me that Holliday Hardware on Spring Garden Street is closing after 50 some-odd years of providing more service than you could stand.  If they didn’t have it, you didn’t need it.  Definitely an ‘old school’ store that will be missed. Holliday Hardware is the family namesake business of former Greensboro Mayor Keith [...]

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The reverend cries “wolf”… again, and again, and again…

I will consider it a major step forward for race relations in Greensboro the day Nelson Johnson calls a news conference and nobody showed?

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