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Deception?… hardly.

Nothing like starting the New Year off with a public call for your resignation. A woefully misinformed Mr. Steve Parker writes in today’s N&R: “I find it sad indeed that the people of Greensboro are not asking for the resignations of those members of the Parks and Recreation Commission who scammed residents out of $12 [...]

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Hush for money

The strategy of silence I mentioned a couple of days ago that was implemented to get the P&R bond passed, despite the presence of the $12M – now we can say it – natatorium, received some N&R ink this morning. P&R Director Bonnie Kuester confirmed the simple reasoning for the strategy when she told reporter [...]

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The silent campaign

As Greensboro’s voters go to the polls today and decide upon the fate of several bonds, I thought now would be a safe time to fess up. The other day, a N&R reporter called me up to find out what was up with the seemingly non-existent campaign to get the $20 million Parks & Recreation [...]

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“Monumental challenge”

In addition to the N&R’s editorial outline of the “monumental challenge” of what to do with War Memorial Stadium in yesterday’s ‘Ideas’ front, Allen Johnson repeats the paper’s opinion of what needs to happen as he narrates this online pictorial presentation showing the stadium’s glory days as well as its current, pitiful state of disrepair. [...]

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“… put the spotlight on Aycock”

N&R head editorialist Allen Johnson recently asserted that the idea of moving the Greensboro Farmer’s Market from its long-time Aycock home to where DGI thinks it ought to be might be “… worth exploring“.  To his credit, he apparently did just that and penned a full-throated rejection of the idea on today’s editorial pages, concluding [...]

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DGI wants to steal “low hanging fruit”

According to a report commissioned by Downtown Greensboro, Inc., retail sales ($43M) in our center city are running way behind potential sales that the Norfolk, VA. consulting firm of H. Blount Hunter says should come in around $118M. Today’s N&R article on the study says that most of the efforts toward increasing retail sales should [...]

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“Crumbling faster than expected…”

That depends on whether or not you have been paying attention.  Back in ’02, when the case was being made for the new downtown stadium, WMS advocates warned that without the facility demands and upgrades required to continue serving minor league baseball crowds, the old stadium’s deterioration would only worsen until saving it proved too [...]

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Swim center advocacy and a quandry

Yours truly figures heavily into today’s N&R article on the upcoming $20M Parks & Rec bond referendum. With semi-intelligent sounding quotes like, “The reasoning is out there, the justification is out there, … It’s going to be a matter of getting it understood and explained correctly.”, I am setting myself up as one of the [...]

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“Who’s playing the race card?”

Yes! Weekly’s Jordan Green continues the alt-weekly’s full frontal assault on “…Jerry Bledsoe, The Rhinoceros Times and a Greek chorus of local bloggers (who) have openly pursued a goal of overturning the official narrative surrounding the Wray affair“.  Noting that, “…events continue to unfold in contradiction to their thesis“, Green points out something that has [...]

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Time to sink or swim… again

Even as late as 5 minutes before last night’s City Council session, my conversations with some Council members led me to think there was little chance that any kind of swimming pool would find its way onto the November ballot.  The unanimous decision to include a $10M pool in the $20M Parks & Rec bond shows what I [...]

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