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Aycock vs Aycock

A fight is brewing. Back when the Aycock Historic District was formed in 1983, (then) Aycock Middle School principal Jim Long advocated for the inclusion of the historic campus into the boundaries of the district that was ultimately named for the school, which is such a prominent feature of the neighborhood.  He understood the protections [...]

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OK, already. I got the message.

6:20a: Received a robo call from Guilford County Schools advising me that all after school activities have been canceled… except for ACES (after school childcare).  The call advised me to check GCS’s website for further advisories.  I did this and saw that school was delayed for two hours. 6:45a: Received a robo call from Guilford [...]

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Listen up, Mo

Update: Mo Green is blogging as promised.  Here’s the simply named Superintendent’s Blog.  Comments are not currently enabled.  Hopefully just a start up oversight and not policy. ********************** At 8:10 this morning, I received a “robo call” from Guilford County Schools.  On the line was Mo Green, our newly hired superintendent of schools announcing that [...]

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Crawford gets an “F” in honesty

Roch Smith, Jr. on plagiarized information found on Guilford County School Board candidate David Crawford’s Myspace page…  “…Guilford County students get Fs for plagiarism. What was Crawford thinking?” Answer: He wasn’t.  And somebody needs to inform the man that the seat he is seeking this go ’round doesn’t carry with it the authority to levy taxes. Crawford’s proclivity to run for [...]

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All children left behind

A letter to the editor in today’s N&R was as compelling as any I have ever read about the quickly degrading ‘climate’ in our public schools.  Making the case that “learning has become painful“, 25-year veteran teacher William Toth says… Guidance counselors and curriculum coordinators cannot do the jobs they’re trained for because they are [...]

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School climate change

Dave Ribar says loading our schools up with all of the recommendations put forth by Guilford County Schools’ 23 member task force on “school climate” will take away from other things… “…loading the schools up with so many policies, so many initiatives, and so many reports that no one is able to implement any of them effectively. It [...]

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GCS is headless

Dr. Grier is outahere… on his own time and his own terms despite the efforts of many to oust him through two election cycles.  I won’t be one of those who are likely to be celebrating this evening.  I actually liked the man – if not all of his policies.

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A burning question

If the majority wisdom of our Board of Commissioners was that by separating the $45M to bebuild Eastern High School from the proposed $457M school construction bond bolster an unfettered sympathy vote to ensure Eastern’s rise from the ashes; to me, quite the opposite is true.  The move only highlighted a burning question in my mind:  Didn’t we [...]

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How to save art classes? High-stakes testing

 Or more succinctly, by destroying creativity via testing… Sometimes one’s snarkiness can get misconstrued.  That could happen upon reading the first part of today’s N&R column, so let me be clear on this point: high-stakes, standardized testing is doing great harm to the quality of education in our public schools and I think the whole [...]

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Whirlie rumble

Update: By all accounts, save for one, yesterday’s fracus was an old-fashioned rumble between kids from two neighborhoods and was not ‘gang related’.  However, nearly 24 hrs after the incident, WFMY’s headline still reads, irresponsibly,: “Two Students Charged in Grimsley Gang Fight“.  ********************* Big fight at Grimsley High School this morning.  The school’s automated notification system rang our [...]

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