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Students Rule the Classroom

I had already decided to write today’s N&R column on the subject of school discipline (more accurately, the lack thereof) when this story hit the news last week.  I drew from my 2005 post on the matter, which was based on a disturbing but eye-opening essay entitled “Who Killed School Discipline” by Kay Hymowitz. Being the son of two [...]

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Huey on Hebert on ‘public insurgence’

Future school board member E.C. Huey points to comments – great comments – made over at the N&R’s Chalkboard by current GC school board member Garth Hebert in response to a constituant’s questions.  Huey says of Hebert’s candidly refreshing answers… “…I believe this is the public insurgence we’ve been waiting to see. And I like [...]

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High School ‘free agency’

JR discusses yesterday’s remarkable front-pager about how easy it has become for Guilford County students to switch schools in order to play for certain athletic programs.  Grimsley High, my ‘neighborhood school’, was the most mentioned in Robert Bell’s article. In JR’s comments, Gr8ful Coach, whom I know knows quite well of what he speaks, says there’s [...]

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Get Grier…

… to stay here.  Pretty impressive.

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Dr. Terry Grier – Salesman of the Year

On the Chalkboard, GC School Board Member Garth Hebert recently gave his take on the sales ability of Superintendent Terry Grier… “…Terry does not do what the Board wants, he convinces the Board to want what he wants.” Meanwhile, over at Your Voice at the Table, our trusty N&R editorialists are asking people to weigh in [...]

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High Point nooses

School Board member Deena Hayes is responding predictably over four nooses that were recently discovered and removed at Andrews High School.  In the HP Enterprise she is calling for, “non-minority leaders in this community (to) speak up and let the African-American community in High Point know where you stand.”. Announced school board candidate E. C. Hey thinks Hayes [...]

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My N&R Columns

My bi-weekly N&R column is due into Allen Johnson’s inbox by noon on Monday but I realize that I’ve not yet posted the last one.  As a part of the N&R online revamp, they have graciously included space for my offerings. As the son of a band director, I have a special appreciation for the [...]

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My 13 year-old world traveler

Our 13 year-old Jesse leaves for a two-week journey to parts south today.  I’m not talking Florida here, but really south.  As a matter of fact, he’s going so far south that he will get to experience winter in July. Guilford County School’s spanish immersion program has been the springboard for some great adventures for the [...]

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What does a first year teacher know anyway?

The N&R’s Jeri Rowe files his final report on Ferndale Middle School teacher Kate Finch who offered up an impression of her first year in the trenches… “I just feel like it’s just so much junk and garbage.  I heard someone talking about private school kids are more well-rounded than public school kids. But daggonit, public [...]

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I hate to say I told you so, but…

Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while will remember that Guilford County School’s first foray into school uniforms occurred at Aycock Middle School three years ago.  Today we read that I was on the right side of that argument.   GCS’s John Wright told our school board, “You do not find [...]

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