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WMS – Next steps

The N&R covers the latest happenings surrounding War Memorial Stadium. I appealed to the Historic Preservation Commission last week to start the process of folding the stadium property into the boundaries of the Aycock Historic District.  The presentation sparked enough interest for the issue to be placed on the agenda for next month’s meeting of [...]

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Demolition by neglect

In 1999, the City of Greensboro adopted an “Ordinance to Prevent Demolition by Neglect”.  Found under Chapter 30, Article IV, 30-4-4.2, the ordinance was adopted to protect historic properties from ‘demolition by neglect’ on the part of uncaring or unresponsive owners.  The ordinance says: ….any building or structure, (e)ither designated as an Historic Landmark or [...]

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WMS and that ‘vision thing’

Update: Here’s a 2008 video report from WXII.  Nothing much has changed since then. Indications are that Tuesday night’s City Council meeting might be interesting in regard to the Staff and P&R Commission’s recommendation of spending $1.3M to demolish War Memorial Stadium.  Some on Council might be concerned about their legacy.  The prospect of having their names [...]

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N&R: Naysayer

I have meticulously crafted an eloquent opposing opinion on this morning’s inaccuracy riddled N&R editorial. Their position on the matter doesn’t simply support, but urges the demolition of War Memorial Stadium.  If I had more time this morning, I would further elucidate the inaccuracies.  But alas, duty calls. I do realize that a lone voice [...]

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“Renovation” my ass

The only thing more misleading than the online headline: “New renovation plan proposed for War Memorial Stadium” is the opening line of the article that appears in today’s N&R: “The city’s War Memorial Stadium might soon get a long-awaited facelift….” Characterizing the demolition of 99% of a structure as a “renovation” and a ” facelift” is [...]

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In Memoriam: War Memorial Stadium

Pretty, isn’t it? This is the latest architectural rendering of what the exterior of Greensboro’s long neglected War Memorial Stadium will look like if our City Council approves the expenditure of the $1.3M that was earmarked a couple of years ago, via 2/3rds bonds, for the ‘renovation’ of our National Registry of Historic Places property. [...]

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Nothing nefarious, they’re called Historic Tax Credits

Today’s Rhino takes a stab at understanding Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits for income producing properties and how it relates to the long-awaited opening of Greensboro’s International Civil Rights Museum.  But, I suspect, the article had only enough information to make people suspicious of what had to occur to finish the project. As the name [...]

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“Monumental challenge”

In addition to the N&R’s editorial outline of the “monumental challenge” of what to do with War Memorial Stadium in yesterday’s ‘Ideas’ front, Allen Johnson repeats the paper’s opinion of what needs to happen as he narrates this online pictorial presentation showing the stadium’s glory days as well as its current, pitiful state of disrepair. [...]

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DGI wants to steal “low hanging fruit”

According to a report commissioned by Downtown Greensboro, Inc., retail sales ($43M) in our center city are running way behind potential sales that the Norfolk, VA. consulting firm of H. Blount Hunter says should come in around $118M. Today’s N&R article on the study says that most of the efforts toward increasing retail sales should [...]

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“Crumbling faster than expected…”

That depends on whether or not you have been paying attention.  Back in ’02, when the case was being made for the new downtown stadium, WMS advocates warned that without the facility demands and upgrades required to continue serving minor league baseball crowds, the old stadium’s deterioration would only worsen until saving it proved too [...]

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