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As others see us…

Although I’m on vacation in Florida for the week, I had to break blog silence to amplify a story in today’s N&R. N&R on Leatherheads, the movie… “…the preservation of historic structures such as the train depot and Greensboro’s War Memorial Stadium were what drew the film crew to North Carolina.” But, despite star Renee’ [...]

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Meeting with Mitch Johnson

Ironically, I was on the phone with Ben as City Manager Mitch Johnson came by today.  Johnson had called a little earlier and asked if I could meet with him, asking, “…have you written your last column yet?”.  When I told him I had not, he said there are some things he would like to talk about. [...]

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How to save art classes? High-stakes testing

 Or more succinctly, by destroying creativity via testing… Sometimes one’s snarkiness can get misconstrued.  That could happen upon reading the first part of today’s N&R column, so let me be clear on this point: high-stakes, standardized testing is doing great harm to the quality of education in our public schools and I think the whole [...]

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YesWeekly on WMS: “…Let the hipsters have it”

Fully realizing I’m a week late, I had to point to Yes!Weekly’s editorial stance on the future of War Memorial Stadium, which appeared in their June 5th issue.  And a fine stance it is… “… promises were made, both to neighborhood residents and preservationists, that this old ballpark would not cease to be a live [...]

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An entrance to a parking lot?!?!?

I second David Wharton’s opinion regarding former N&R editor Irwin Smallwood’s idea on what to do with War Memorial Stadium as published in today’s paper. “…Mr. Smallwood is proposing to take a still useful and much-used stadium, and make of it a “useless monument” that its makers disavowed. I mean, the entrance to a parking [...]

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WMS – a grassroots initiative?

Maybe it is time for interested and concerned parties to take control of War Memorial Stadium’s future like they did in Birmingham.  The remarkable ESPN article describes exactly what could happen if enough people set their minds to preservation of historic stadiums… “In an age when we knock down historic, beloved ballparks and spend $500 million [...]

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War Memorial in the other news

WFMY’s Frank Mickens called after reading this report on my blog.  Frank has followed and reported on the saga of War Memorial Stadium for years and has always done a damn fine job of it. We met in front of the old stadium on Saturday to let the TV viewing public in on what may be [...]

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The demolition plan for War Memorial Stadium

During this past Wednesday’s meeting of the Greensboro Parks & Rec Commission, of which I am vice-chair, we were presented with the city’s proposal on what to do about War Memorial Stadium following the defeat of a $5.5M bond to renovate the site in November.  The documents are these (click to enlarge)… Above are city [...]

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Leatherheads in Greensboro

 Update: Wharton has more pictures and my same sentiments regarding the irony of it all. “Do I need to comment on the irony in the fact that the old stadium’s charm has managed to attract the attentions of two major Hollywood productions (Bull Durham and Leatherheads), but Greensboro’s own citizens were not willing to put [...]

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As others see us…

I just couldn’t let this pass without mention. The N&R noted on Wednesday that a production company recently wrapped up five weks of movie filming in the Triad.  ”The Key Man” grabbed “scenes at Greensboro’s War Memorial Stadium and Forest Oaks Country Club“, according to the article. In an ironic jab to local who think certain old [...]

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