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Life is good, except for that stadium vote

It could be because I have let this blog to lanquish for a time, but my N&R column ended up coming across like three separate blog posts this week: One about Jinni, one about War Memorial Stadium and, of course, I had to mention Grimsley football. I really am trying to get back to blogging [...]

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Two burials in one day

I helped to bury my 87 year-old friend in Kentucky on Tuesday.  While I gathered with her family and other close friends to ease her into the ground, Greensboro buried another octegenarian – War Memorial Stadium. In fine Irish tradition, those who made the long trek to my friend’s gravesite service threw handfulls of fresh [...]

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A picture is worth…

N&R 11/5/06  Artist: Anthony Piraino

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Double heart break

Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m not going to have the opportunity to vote this year.  It will be the first vote I have missed in many, many years. We found out late Friday that a dear friend in Kentucky, Bettie Lewis is her name, decided that 87 years was a pretty good amount [...]

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Watch history crumble

If anyone wonders why the word “crumbling” is used so frequently in the same sentence as War Memorial Stadium, click on the ‘Video on Demand” box to the right of this story filed by WFMY-TV. It will cost the average homeowner in Greensboro a maximum of $2.87 per year to fix the place up.

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Suggestion to the N&R: Research first, then endorse

Update: Wharton asks, “… is this the level of research they did for the rest of the bonds?”.  Everyone makes mistakes, and the N&R isn’t exempt from that rule.  It is how mistakes are corrected that makes all the difference. ********** Allen Johnson, I assume, has spoken for all five members of the N&R’s editorial board and answered [...]

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Calling out the N&R’s editorial board

When I express an opinion here, readers who disagree with my take are free and welcome to engage me in the comments below.  Usually a conversation ensues causing me to defend my position.  It happens all the time. When the N&R’s editorial department expresses an opinion in print, readers who disagree write letters and ‘counterpoint’ pieces [...]

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Another take on the hypocrisy of the News & Record

Yes!Weekly columnist Ogi Overman points out (much better than me) the hypocrisy of the N&R’s editorial board when it came down to whether or not they would endorse the Nov. 7th bond that will save War Memorial Stadium.  Ogi was on the ‘other side’ in the 2003 baseball stadium debates… but he has a flawless memory of all the [...]

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It’s time to save War Memorial Stadium

About my op-ed column that appears in today’s N&R. Since I started writing my bi-weekly piece six months ago, many people have asked, “Do they (meaning the N&R) tell you what to write about?“.  No, they don’t.  But sometimes, with a deadline looming and no idea what I’m going to say, I sure wish they [...]

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Renovate War Memorial Stadium

Yours truly figures heavily into an article appearing in yesterday’s N&R.  The subject?  The upcoming referendum to provide $5.5M to renovate War Memorial Stadium. Help me get it done, won’t you.

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