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All work and no play…

Yesterday, Jinni drove with me for my bi-weekly visit to Marshall, NC.  My company, Double Hung, is restoring the 80 or so original windows included in the tax-credit rehab of Blanahassett Island School.  The 1923 structure, located on an island in the French Broad River, is undergoing an adaptive re-use conversion for its new role in the community: Marshall High [...]

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Greensboro, go small on incentives

My company, Double Hung is teetering on the edge of another expansion.  We’re at a point where we either need to grow pretty quickly or start turning down some business. In weighing the positives and negatives the decision on which way to go I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be great if I could get [...]

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Biz Journal: A Clear Vision

My company, Double Hung, was profiled in this week’s Triad Business Journal. Reporter Mark Tosczak did a good job of capturing the essence of what we are doing and why we are growing at such a rapid rate.  The article is behind their paid subscription firewall, which is a shame… because it would be a [...]

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Double Hung online

Sue is a friggin’ whiz. I was contacted by the Triad Business Journal saying they were interested in doing a profile story on my business.   I took that as my cue that I really ought to finally acquire at least a basic website to promote whatever it is I am doing and provide some contact info. In very short [...]

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Double Hung – The Western Division

I neglected mention that my window restoration company, Double Hung, landed the Blannahasset Island School project up in Marshall, NC.  I signed the contracts on Monday and we start today. Continuing the inexorable march toward our western expansion, this project shows that before long we will be covering Dixie like the dew. I have made [...]

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The Hammers and me

In the interest of full disclosure and sincere appreciation for decisive action by John Hammer…. Yes, it is true… my shop is located in the basement of the Rhino Times’ new World Headquarters and their editor-in-chief is my hero for chasing away the thieves who were going after my stuff.  John and Willy Hammer contacted [...]

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Westward ho!

Someday I’ll get back to regular blogging but today its off to the mountains to look at some windows that need fixin’.  I got a call in mid-December from a concern who is undertaking the historic refurbishment of Blannahassett Island School in Marshall, NC and went to take an inititial look-see.  I mean, come on… I [...]

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It’s the thought that counts… Yeah, right. Ask Clark Griswald about that.

This is the first year my company is financially able to offer Christmas bonuses to the great people who work for me and it has me in an entrepreneural quandry. I know that, somewhere, there are unwritten rules for such bonuses: Is it one week’s earnings?  Two?  An equal bonus for everyone or does employment longevity enter into [...]

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More Wolfpack windows to fix

Looks like Double Hung will be headed back over to Raleigh after the first of the year.  I just received an email that my company landed the largest contract in our five-year history.  We will be restoring all of the 278 original windows in NCSU’s extraordinary ’1911 Building’. Although it was actually completed in 1909, the [...]

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Dennis Q’s ‘sawtooth’

The N&R has done some fine architectural reporting in the last two days. Yesterday it was Jim Schlosser pointing out some of our finest surviving examples of local public school buildings.  Jim reports that upon its completion, Greensboro school officials boasted about how much Grimsley’s original campus cost; it was the state’s first $1 million secondary [...]

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