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Best All Around – that’s my girl

Got a call this morning that Jinni & I ought to come and stay for all three hours of Grimsley High School’s Senior Awards Day.  So we did.  If you are looking for the good in public education, Grimsley’s auditorium this morning would be a fine place to start.  It is a pretty amazing event. [...]

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Grimsley polling results

Our little girl had an extraordinary showing during halftime at Friday night’s homecoming game at Grimsley High School. She was up against 12 of her school’s most beautiful and popular girls for the title of Homecoming Queen.  We were delighted when it was announced that the student body voted her first runner-up.  Josie was quite [...]

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R.I.P. Jim Roach

Following a long, brave and cruel battle with cancer, Jim Roach died this morning.  He will be missed greatly; especially by his family but also by all of Greensboro.  Jim was one of the good guys.

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Men Can Cook

This Saturday, 50 local notable fellas will exhibit their culinary skills for the 7th annual ‘Men Can Cook’ fundraiser in support of The Women’s Center of Greensboro. Son Jesse will share the Hoggard table’s workload and billing in our 4th year of helping raise money for one of Greensboro’s finest organizations.  We’ve tried several different dishes [...]

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Stung by Skybus

Four Hoggards are holding now-worthless tickets to whatever airport that now-bankrupted airline Skybus touted as being close to New York City.  We were to have traveled up there in September along with some friends to gawk at skyscrapers and take in a show or two over Labor Day weekend.  Total roundtrip fare for four: $400 and [...]

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A special day

Today is my Jinni’s birthday. Over the last year or so, I have acted more like I am married to my business than to the best, most beautiful woman on earth.  My birthday present to her is to publicly acknowledge that and reverse the trend.

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“Jesus Camp”

Coincidental to the Southern Baptist Convention’s convergence here in Greensboro, my three charges and I watched the 2006 documentary Jesus Camp last night.  My spawn were stuck between dumbfounded and bemusement.  It scared the hell out of me. The churchin’ I had growing up in Kentucky was of the Baptist variety and I guess looking back on it [...]

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Bring back the human sprinkler

The last time Greensboro was under such heavy water restrictions in 2002, my Jinni came up with a plan to make a few bucks off of the whole thing. She placed an ad in the N&R advertising herself as “The Human Sprinkler”.  A short article about her exploits subsequently ran in the N&R and then [...]

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My 13 year-old world traveler

Our 13 year-old Jesse leaves for a two-week journey to parts south today.  I’m not talking Florida here, but really south.  As a matter of fact, he’s going so far south that he will get to experience winter in July. Guilford County School’s spanish immersion program has been the springboard for some great adventures for the [...]

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Anytown at 20

The N&R’s portrait of the NCCJ Piedmont Triad’s Anytown camp today gave me a much better understanding of why 16 year-old daughter Josie seemed a little more grown up when she got off the bus today. She had just returned from 20th rendition of the weeklong program in Blowing Rock.  After reluctantly agreeing to attend, if only as a [...]

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