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Unintended child neglect

I can relate to the unidentified woman in this N&R story whose 2 year-old was discovered roaming the streets unattended yesterday. One day, many years ago, we couldn’t find our at-the-time 3 year-old daughter Josie in the house.  Jinni thought I had her and I thought Jinni had her.  After feverishly looking checking every room, [...]

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Bath restoration

OK.  I’m back.  But really out of sync. I found that the tiny hamlet of Bath, while possessing gracious people and oodles of history, is woefully lacking in the internet connection department.  After the first few days of unsuccessfully trolling for a wi-fi spot, I finally said to hell with it and resigned myself to the [...]

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Taking on Bath

Double Hung, LLC is headed to the coast. Back in October, a lady from Bath, NC discovered our services and rang me up.  Seems she was part of a grassroots effort to save her old high school from the wrecking ball.  Bath High School was built in the 1920′s and occupied until 1989 when a [...]

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Our summer… so far

Our three children all had overlapping travel plans during the first weeks of summer vacation leaving their parents here to keep the home on fire (or however that saying goes). One day last week I called my Jinni during the middle of the day to say ‘hey’.  I asked, “whatcha doin’“.  Her reply lamented the realization [...]

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Education is yours forever

I was otherwise indisposed when my N&R column ran this past Wednesday and unable to post it online for those of you who don’t get the print edition of the paper (mainly, though, this is for my parents in Kentucky). It has been a busy and emotional week what with all the truck drama and our [...]

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License plate # DUBLHUNG – pt2

Previously. Let me be clear: should you lose or otherwise be relieved of your checkbook - don’t walk, but run, to your bank and put a ‘freeze’ on the account.  The first check was illegally passed out of my business account within two hours following the the taking of my truck.  Had I not immediately frozen my [...]

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License plate # DUBLHUNG

“Mr. Hoggard, you should never leave your keys in your…” “Please just stop right there“, I said to the twenty-something-year-old UNCG policeman, “I really don’t want a lecture right now.  I’m 51 years old, so please, just take my report and go about your business of getting my truck back.”  I felt that if I didn’t [...]

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An annual right of passage…

Yearbooks were delivered at Grimsley High School yesterday.  This event traditionally marks the beginning of the academic silly season for most schools because from here on out, the classroom activities will be much more about watching movies and socializing with friends than with any actual learning.  But, hey… we’ve got to get those 180 mandatory [...]

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…and the band is windin’ low

My dad was the founding director (1955 – 1974) of the most excellent Larue County High School “Band of Hawks” in Hodgenville, Ky.  Before that he was a jazz man and blew his tenor tax with an airy tone that I, a second generation tenor player, could never quite duplicate. The current band director of the [...]

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Three people who should run for City Council

I generally post my N&R column early in the morning of the day it shows up in print but just didn’t have the time yesterday.  So, to the paper’s print subscribers, this post is yesterday’s news. Over the past several weeks I have had a whole slew of people call, email, and otherwise communicate their [...]

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