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A love story between the lines…

I noticed an abbreviated version of this article in this morning’s N&R, headlined: “Georgia woman who fell into grave files lawsuit” I hope, with every fiber of my being, that I will be fortunate enough to have the same reason for joining a lawsuit as the woman’s 92 year-old husband, who claims “…the accident has [...]

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Jack in a tux

Big night for Grimsley Juniors and Seniors last night.  Son Jack and a bunch of his friends got all gussied up for a night on the town.  Prom night. Jinni and daughter Josie drove over to where the crew was gathering before dinner to snap some memories of a good looking bunch of kids almost [...]

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Beach, baby… beach.

In case anyone is wondering… I’m on vacation with family and friends at Emerald Isle, NC. Regular blogging will continue soon enough.

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The path (hopefully) not traveled

I don’t mind telling you that this sent me into a bit of a funk last week. My Jinni was diagnosed with the same cancer, in the same week, as Elizabeth Edwards back in ’04.  They both underwent the same therapies and received the same prognosis when the doctors got through with the cruel magic [...]

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No dentist left behind…

From today’s N&R… “Guilford County Schools wants to start notifying parents in April of their options for pulling their children from schools that don’t make federal progress targets this year.” Analogies can be helpful now and again.  By acribing the specifics of a familiar issue to an unrelated situation, a good analogy will make you [...]

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Light purple had to suffice

Yesterday, my Jackson, a senior at Grimsley High, sought out a particular color of shirt from my (our) closet.  I didn’t question him at the time about it,  but now I know.

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Double Hung – The Western Division

I neglected mention that my window restoration company, Double Hung, landed the Blannahasset Island School project up in Marshall, NC.  I signed the contracts on Monday and we start today. Continuing the inexorable march toward our western expansion, this project shows that before long we will be covering Dixie like the dew. I have made [...]

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My weekend

Gas to Sugar Mountain and back: $38.  Ski rentals: $42.  Lift tickets: $99.  A friend’s condo in Blowing Rock: $70. Corn dogs in Sugar’s lodge: too expensive to mention. A ski trip alone with your 12 year-old son even after declining my offer to take a friend if he wanted – well… that is truly priceless [...]

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More of Josie

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Broom shop and a Shaker chair, Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Ky – by Josie Hoggard (Click to expandicize)

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Life is good, except for that stadium vote

It could be because I have let this blog to lanquish for a time, but my N&R column ended up coming across like three separate blog posts this week: One about Jinni, one about War Memorial Stadium and, of course, I had to mention Grimsley football. I really am trying to get back to blogging [...]

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