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Changes for Whirlie football

Grimsley’s football coach Todd Shuping resigned Monday.  Bummer.  Offensive coordinator Mark Saunders was appointed interim head coach and has applied for the position.  That certainly cancels out the bummer. Saunders is the man.  It was his offensive strategies that propelled the Whirlies into a championship trajectory over the past three years.  Go Whirlies, again.

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Championship bound – The Whirlie Girls

Update: More at Greensboro Amid all of last weekend’s hoopla surrounding the Women’s ACC tourney in the Gate City and then Tyler Hansbrough’s bloody nose, it is almost understandable how something this big and unprecedented could get lost in the shuffle. Almost. I mean, c’mon… all the Grimsley Whirlie women’s basketball team have accomplished this year was [...]

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Grimsley 21 – Charlotte’s Myers Park 16

Oh… My… God… I’m taking a defibrilator to next week’s game and charging big money for the service.  (N&R photo’s here including one from my daughter Josie) With 13 seconds left in the game, Myers Park was leading the Whirlies by 2 points.  Grimsley Quarterback Josh Stewart took things into his own hands over the right side [...]

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Whirlies seeded #2

The pairings for the 2006 state football championship playoffs are up.  This year Grimsley is in the West 4-AA division, and is the #2 seed behind Charlotte’s Independence High. The NC High School Athletic Association lists Grimsley as having 1915 students (PDF file) which bumped them into the higher 4 double-a bracket.  This a bit strange because [...]

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Grimsley 28 – East Forsyth 0

For the first time in their 100+ year history, Grimsley High’s football team went 11-0 for the season with last night’s win over East Forsyth. The N&R’s Kellie Dixon filed this report that doesn’t touch much on the particulars of the game, but focused on what Coach Shuping and the team face in the upcoming [...]

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Grimsley 44 – Northwest Guilford 20

Next year’s Whirlies squad got a good bit of playing time last night in their postponed Monday night game.  To his credit, Coach Shuping is more interested in developing his team than posting grotesquely lopsided wins.  But I doubt it was all about altruism. The last regular game of the season is only four nights [...]

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Grimsley 49 – Smith 14

Glad for the win, but I’ll tell you this:  If my team doesn’t start figuring out that football is a four quarter game, I fear for their playoff chances. Our defense played like they were out for a walk in the park, but Smith had other ideas.  They have a kid name of Brandon Wiggins that decided [...]

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Friday night… again

The Grimsley Whirlies are going for nine in a row tonight against the Ben Smith H.S. Eagles (1-7).  By all indications, tonight’s game will give next year’s Whirlie team some playing time. In the only state-wide football rankings I know of, Grimsley is rated #5 among all teams regardless of classification and #4 in their [...]

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Grimsley 42 – North Forsyth 12

If the Whirlies can figure out how to get their motors properly warmed up in advance of the opening kick-off, they will become a ‘take-no-prisoners’ kind of team.  But in any case, we are now at 7 wins with no losses (2-0 in conference play) and ranked #7 among all NC football teams (including Duke, I believe) [...]

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An open post to Jake, Steve, DeShaun, and John K.

We watch you every time you play on TV.  Once a year I am able to scrape together enough money to take my Jesse down to Charlotte to watch you play in person.  He lives for that. One of the few who stayed in his seat until the last second to watch you beat New Orleans [...]

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