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Grimsley 21 – Page 10

What a game.  Page High put the fear of God in their cross-town rivals. The Whirlies offense was lethargic throughout the first three quarters.  They finally got their game on in the fourth quarter with a long, grinding, ground-oriented drive that helped them re-gain their confidence in themselves…. but not before the Pirates gave the Whirlie fans [...]

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The new GGO

The N&R reports that a new sponsor for Greensboro’s long-held PGA tourney will be announced later today.  Whomever it is, I hope they will go all retro and re-incorporate “GGO” back into the name of the event.  As in… The Fed Ex Greater Greensboro Open.

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Page/Grimsley week

Grimsley High School principal Rob Gasperello is doing his best to keep a lid on the annual spate of tom-foolery that has traditionally occured between the Whirlie and Pirate student bodies… and their cars… and their campuses… and so forth in the week leading up to this Friday’s football game. During a PTSA assembly last week, [...]

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Fan without a game

Help a brother out here.  What does the rest of the world do on Friday nights in the fall if they don’t go to high school football games?  Grimsley has tonight open and Jinni and I are kinda lost as to what the options are. Might be a good night for “dots“.

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Grimsley 21 – Dudley 13

You don’t get on TV when you lose.  So notice the team that was on TV tonight (hint to the N&R’s  Daniels, Carlton, Hardin and Newsom, it wasn’t Dudley). What a game.  The Whirlies were down 13-0 at halftime but emerged from the fieldhouse as a whole different team.  I asked Jack (who turned 17 [...]

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Wise predictors favor Whirlies over hurricane

Today’s N&R sports section ‘Marquee Matchup’ (now online, hat tip to N&R’s Mike Fuchs) is seriously flawed.  Each week, this Friday feature picks one high profile local football game and provides background and prognostication on the teams involved.  This week’s ‘Matchup’ highlights tonight’s meeting between two Greensboro unbeatens: Grimsley and Dudley – both are 2-0 and [...]

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a.d. Changes at Grimsley

With little fanfare, Grimsley High School’s former assistant football coach and long-time athletic director Neil Hatcher has left that position.  Replacing him are two men – only one of which I know. Lewis Newman comes from Mendenhall Middle where he taught P.E. and fielded the Mustang’s football team for many years.  He has been instrumental in fundraising efforts [...]

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Grimsley vs Western Guilford

That one was easy enough.  The score was 41 to zip going into the fourth quarter when coach Shuping decided to suit up the water boys and trainers lest he be accused of trying to embarass Western Guilford. Except for their special teams, this year’s Whirlie football squad looked polished, fit, and ready to rock [...]

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Go, again, Whirlies

So, tonight, it begins.  Every Friday night from now until the snow almost flies will find the Hoggard clan occupying hot… and later in the season, cold… aluminum or concrete bleachers in area high school football stadiums.  The 2006 rendition of the Grimsley Whirlies take the field tonight. Topping the experience of last year’s state championship run will be [...]

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Grimsley still #4?

I drove home from Raleigh tonight to watch Grimsley’s lacrosse team take on Chapel Hill High School.  For those who are only aware of one notorious lacrosse team in NC, going into this game the Whirlies were ranked number four in the state; Chapel Hill was number one.  After tonight’s matchup, I’m disappointed to report that the rankings won’t change much.  [...]

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