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How to save art classes? High-stakes testing

 Or more succinctly, by destroying creativity via testing… Sometimes one’s snarkiness can get misconstrued.  That could happen upon reading the first part of today’s N&R column, so let me be clear on this point: high-stakes, standardized testing is doing great harm to the quality of education in our public schools and I think the whole [...]

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Moment of truth: Size 38 pants

The above title is what appeared above the print edition of my N&R column this morning.  The online edition, however, is entitled “Eat less and excercise more“.  Both are appropriate but the latter title captures the wisdom of my brother Keith in Kentucky (who got his simple weight loss plan from a radio station disc [...]

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Let’s speak frankly on race, crime

Whispering among ourselves just doesn’t cut it.  It is mainly within white-on-white and black-on-black conversations that we are likely to express our unvarnished opinions, fears, criticisms, and derisions. Just like the old schoolyard charge of “she is talking behind your back”, when the discourse between races is something other than what we should be saying to [...]

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Compromise is in order for lead paint law

Strong statement, this: “Guilford County’s lead-related regulations, as currently worded and enforced, are imminent threats to the preservation of some of our most treasured places and make de facto criminals of their owners.”  But if you’ll take the time to read our ordinance on lead paint poisoning prevention (.doc), it is absolutely true. I’ve spoken to several government [...]

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Deadlines, too

Just like Cone’s, the deadline for my bi-weekly N&R columns changed last week… or at least I think it did.  I received a call from Allen Johnson last Tuesday asking me to submit by noon on Friday to fill my 580-word space for the following Wednesday’s edition – a five day lag time.  He didn’t [...]

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City Council Non-Endorsements

I got a voicemail this evening from N&R head editorialist Allen Johnson apologetically explaining why he can’t run the column I submitted this week.  Previously unbeknown to me, Allen belatedly let me know they have a long-standing policy against allowing local columnists to endorse candidates. I need to get me one them thar N&R policy manuals [...]

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It is just soooo obvious.

Oh Ma Ga.  The mother of all local media conspriracies is playing out in the “A” section of today’s N&R.  It is just so obvious. On A-1, reporter Margaret Banks gives space to the petition started in a local restaurant to remove our city manager.  Within the article, Mayor Holliday defends Mitch Johnson for the upteenth [...]

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My N&R Columns

My bi-weekly N&R column is due into Allen Johnson’s inbox by noon on Monday but I realize that I’ve not yet posted the last one.  As a part of the N&R online revamp, they have graciously included space for my offerings. As the son of a band director, I have a special appreciation for the [...]

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Not ready for prime time… or… I’m glad I have my own printing press

 Below is a column I wrote for publication in Wednesday’s N&R. After receiving it, editorial head Allen Johnson called with some concerns about the content.  He rightly pointed out that much of what I wrote is speculative in nature and that he was reticent to publish these speculations. I told him I understood completely and [...]

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Candidates, feel free to take my ideas

The other day, when I told Rhino editor and mafia hit-target John Hammer about my decision not to run for a council seat, again, this time around, he summed up my thinking and reasoning for sitting this one out.  “You’d go out of business.”, said he. I don’t know if it would come to that [...]

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