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Nothing could be greener

A big focus of Preservation North Carolina’s annual conference last week had to do with sustainable ”green” building techniques.  This concept is what preservationists are all about sense historic preservation is the ultimate in recycling.  Or, as conference keynote speaker Carl Elefante, AIA put it… “The greenest building is… one that is already built.” (pdf file)

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As others see us…

After walking a spell down Greensboro’s streets with Chicagoan Blair Kamin, PGI Director Benjamin Briggs gives his take on furthering our downtown redevelopment:  “Let’s use our own homegrown success as our pattern for the future of our downtown. South Elm Street is one of our greatest treasures…we should work towards spread(ing) the wealth.”

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Pipeline vs Mill, cont’d

The N&R’s Jim Schlosser is following the dynamite blasts for Greensboro’s new sewer line that is now winding its way through Latham Park.  But today’s article also gives us an update on where they aren’t blasting… “Revolution Mill Studios …has persuaded the city to delay blasting 8 feet from a 1915 mill warehouse. …Engineers for [...]

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A dirty job…

Are you watching David Wharton and his daughter as they renovate the bedroom? Day one, two, three, four, and five.

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Double Hungs around the world

I have found that t-shirts bearing my company’s logo are becoming a sought-after item.  There’s something about the name Double Hung that seems to appeal to some of the more, um… shall we say… dirty minded among us.  I will admit here the double entendre’ was quite intentional. But my company’s slogan, “Don’t replace… repair“, [...]

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Schlosser on Revolution Mill… again

In a follow up article about the planned $130M redevelopment of the 75 acre Cone Mills district on Yanceyville Street, N&R reporter Jim Schlosser focuses on the controversial location for the city’s new Buffalo Creek sewer outfall and the potential for damage that could occur because of it. (My previous coverage) Schlosser quotes City Water [...]

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Old Greensboro neighborhoods – in the news

Update: Wharton agrees.  A great feature article on local historic districts can be found in the ‘Homes’ section of today’s N&R.  The online version adds a photo gallery depicting life and architecture in Greensboro’s older neighborhoods.  They also added a set of buying tips for first-time buyers of older homes.  I say ‘first-time’, because those [...]

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N&R article misses the point

On Monday I received a call from Revolution Mill Studios, LLC.  Late in the day I met with managing partner Jim Peeples to hear what was concerning him. Having little time to write and post about what I discovered, I contacted the N&R to see if they might be interested in covering the story that I [...]

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YesWeekly on WMS: “…Let the hipsters have it”

Fully realizing I’m a week late, I had to point to Yes!Weekly’s editorial stance on the future of War Memorial Stadium, which appeared in their June 5th issue.  And a fine stance it is… “… promises were made, both to neighborhood residents and preservationists, that this old ballpark would not cease to be a live [...]

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An entrance to a parking lot?!?!?

I second David Wharton’s opinion regarding former N&R editor Irwin Smallwood’s idea on what to do with War Memorial Stadium as published in today’s paper. “…Mr. Smallwood is proposing to take a still useful and much-used stadium, and make of it a “useless monument” that its makers disavowed. I mean, the entrance to a parking [...]

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