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Council Kingmakers

10:30p Update: The Great Divide I was standing next to Bill Burckley at the Old Guilford Courthouse tonight as the precinct results were coming in. As we were speaking, the numbers for Greensboro’s mayor came around and showed Yvonne Johnson leading Burkley’s charge, challenger Bill Knight, by a little over 350 votes with only six [...]

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Compromise is in order for lead paint law

Strong statement, this: “Guilford County’s lead-related regulations, as currently worded and enforced, are imminent threats to the preservation of some of our most treasured places and make de facto criminals of their owners.”  But if you’ll take the time to read our ordinance on lead paint poisoning prevention (.doc), it is absolutely true. I’ve spoken to several government [...]

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Houston. We have a budget.

I can’t say that I am overjoyed by the all of the particulars of the County’s budget as passed last night, because a few of my oxen were gored in the process; namely school funding and an historic preservation position.  But it seems that the bipartisan ‘gang-of-six’ commissioners who held together to adopt the budget [...]

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She should only blog the good stuff about homelessness, I suppose…

Homelessness prevention advocate Cara Michele Forest is getting slapped down for blogging about being a homelessness prevention advocate by the Homelessness Prevention Coalition of Guilford County of which she is a member.  Says GPCGC president Karen Briggs… “I have received a complaint about your blog and it’s being linked to the HPCGC website.  Please remove [...]

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What if Guilford County’s top leadership vanished?

As promised, I expanded on my dark, ‘what if’, thinking following last Wednesday’s “One Guilford” leadership symposium for my bi-weekly N&R column, which appeared in print yesterday. Turns out, I wasn’t the only person in the audience who has such a twisted imagination.  I spent some time on Lake Townsend last Saturday with Councilwoman Sandy Carmany [...]

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High Point bombing: change under fire

While I take no serious issue with everything that has been said about Wednesday’s ‘One Guilford’ leadership symposium, I had one overriding, albeit macabre, thought as I sat there marvelling at such an extraordinary assemblage of Guilford County’s leadership. What if some terrorist had learned of the meeting and decided to “think globally, but act locally” and found [...]

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Petitioners to City Attorney, “A simple yes or no, please”

Update: City Councilwoman Sandy Carmany emails with city attorney Terry Woods response.  I placed it in the comments below. In an email, recall Bellamy-Small organizer Tony Wilkins sez… “I was part of the last successful petition drive in Greensboro in 1989 (smoking referendum). At that time the City Attorney’s Office not only read our petition they [...]

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link added

I just added Piedmont Publius to my blogroll.  I should have done it some time ago. Authored by Greensborian Sam Hieb and brought to us by the John Locke Foundation, Publius is doing a great job of covering local stuff.  (One suggestion for improvement: it is way too difficult to leave a comment over there, [...]

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Putting this white guy’s indignation on hold

Before white folk get all indignant about the Pulpit Forum’s characterization of the Bellamy-Small/Gatten feud as being, “deeply rooted in racist assumptions and values“, do what I did: take a deep breath, listen, take another deep breath… think… then resolve not to allow your twitching knee to jerk out of control this time around. My [...]

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Wrong kind of jobs for Greensboro?

State Senator Kay Hagan says she is “inclined to support” a bill banning the manufacture and sale of AWOL alcohol vaporizer devices by a Greensboro based company… “…This is certainly not the kind of business for which Greensboro ought to be known.”  says one of my favorite legislators. But this is OK, I presume? C’mon. [...]

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