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The back story at Guilford College?

An extraordinary first person MySpace account about an alleged incident at Guilford College from back in September ’06… (via Fec). “…I’m trying to explain to Rosslyn what had happened at the off campus party, Faris threatens my life twice, saying “I’m gonna fucking kill you” and making a motion across his neck …Then he repeated his death threat to me [...]

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Bravest man in Guilford County

I admire David McNeill for taking the job of chief Guilford County cat herder.  He assumes the job knowing full well what he’s getting into.  If When our Board of County Commissioners work through their current bout of uncharacteristic cooperation and the fit starts hitting the shan, he will have already been inured to the ensuing conflagration.

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A hopeful sign for moving forward

After all of the bad blood and name calling earlier this year, if this is possible here in Guilford County, can a reconcilliation between the Shiite and Sunni people in Iraq be far behind? Although I am pleased to hear Paul Gibson say it is time to move beyond the ”…ancillary crap that seems to bog us [...]

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