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Aycock vs Aycock

A fight is brewing. Back when the Aycock Historic District was formed in 1983, (then) Aycock Middle School principal Jim Long advocated for the inclusion of the historic campus into the boundaries of the district that was ultimately named for the school, which is such a prominent feature of the neighborhood.  He understood the protections [...]

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WMS and that ‘vision thing’

Update: Here’s a 2008 video report from WXII.  Nothing much has changed since then. Indications are that Tuesday night’s City Council meeting might be interesting in regard to the Staff and P&R Commission’s recommendation of spending $1.3M to demolish War Memorial Stadium.  Some on Council might be concerned about their legacy.  The prospect of having their names [...]

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“Renovation” my ass

The only thing more misleading than the online headline: “New renovation plan proposed for War Memorial Stadium” is the opening line of the article that appears in today’s N&R: “The city’s War Memorial Stadium might soon get a long-awaited facelift….” Characterizing the demolition of 99% of a structure as a “renovation” and a ” facelift” is [...]

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Dunleith Charrette

Neighbor David Wharton saw fit to re-stoke his blog and gives a good overview of what is occurring out at Revolution Mill Studios on behalf of the Aycock Neighborhood. I attended last night’s “pin-up” session for the Dunleith Charrette and came away with a great deal of pride in the vision my neighborhood has for [...]

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Death on Summit Avenue

Update II: From an email sent through the Aycock Neighborhood listserv… “I live in the castle house with my boyfriend. We were awoken this morning by someone banging on our door and screaming that our house was on fire. We called 911, we tried to alert the other tenant living in the apartment next to [...]

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“Monumental challenge”

In addition to the N&R’s editorial outline of the “monumental challenge” of what to do with War Memorial Stadium in yesterday’s ‘Ideas’ front, Allen Johnson repeats the paper’s opinion of what needs to happen as he narrates this online pictorial presentation showing the stadium’s glory days as well as its current, pitiful state of disrepair. [...]

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“… put the spotlight on Aycock”

N&R head editorialist Allen Johnson recently asserted that the idea of moving the Greensboro Farmer’s Market from its long-time Aycock home to where DGI thinks it ought to be might be “… worth exploring“.  To his credit, he apparently did just that and penned a full-throated rejection of the idea on today’s editorial pages, concluding [...]

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Men Can Cook

This Saturday, 50 local notable fellas will exhibit their culinary skills for the 7th annual ‘Men Can Cook’ fundraiser in support of The Women’s Center of Greensboro. Son Jesse will share the Hoggard table’s workload and billing in our 4th year of helping raise money for one of Greensboro’s finest organizations.  We’ve tried several different dishes [...]

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In need of the larger neighborhood

The Aycock Neighborhood has a very active notification and information sharing listserv system.  Used for everything from reporting suspicious activity to mobilizing residents for public policy input to finding a dependable roofer, we are probably one of the most connected neighborhoods in the city. Yesterday, however, a notice came across our neighborhood wire that demands a wider [...]

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A once great Avenue…

… will be great again if the voters approve the money for Summit Avenue corridor improvements.  But first the issue has to actually get placed on the ballot.  As Wharton’s video clearly explains, some dedicated people have been working on this project for many years. The Aycock Neighborhood is mobilizing residents to attend every one of the [...]

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