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Score one for the little guy

In January of ’07, David Wharton posted a video of one of the huge signs Office Depot erected at their new location of Church St. and Wendover (Update: Wharton).  Completely redundant and coyote ugly to boot they placed the internally lit monstrosity at the common entrance to both Aycock and Fisher Park historic neighborhoods.  Wharton’s post contains [...]

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Holiday in the ‘hood

The new Greensboro Monthly Magazine features some neighborhood holiday traditions around the city.  The Aycock Neighborhood always figures prominently into such endeavors.  (A bunch of Aycock kids got together for the feature photo including our Jesse, upper left)

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Compromise is in order for lead paint law

Strong statement, this: “Guilford County’s lead-related regulations, as currently worded and enforced, are imminent threats to the preservation of some of our most treasured places and make de facto criminals of their owners.”  But if you’ll take the time to read our ordinance on lead paint poisoning prevention (.doc), it is absolutely true. I’ve spoken to several government [...]

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First Pres vs Fisher Park: Round 162

“They are diseased“, said a man when one of the Fisher Park protesters inquired as to why workers hired by First Presbyterian Church were removing two an ancient oaks across Elm Street from the sanctuary yesterday next to Fisher’s Grille.  “Well, you aren’t looking so good yourself… should I just go get a gun and treat [...]

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All in the ‘hood, all in one week

People and activities from my ‘hood were in the N&R this week and I neglected to point them out. First, in the print version of this week’s Inside Scoop, Jeri Rowe scooped an upcoming feature in Yes!Weekly by telling of neighbor Jay Ovittore’s planned bid to unseat Rep. Howard Coble.  Although I didn’t see ex-neighbor Jeri [...]

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Keep the date

If you’ve always wanted to dig in the dirt where there’s a pretty good chance of finding buried treasure, then join the Aycock Neighborhood on May 17th of next year and get your hands dirty. The N&R’s Jim Schlosser all the details.

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Aycock NNO BBQ

The Aycock Neighborhood really made the news yesterday. I had to leave town around 2:00p, but not before stoking up the old pig cooker around 8:30a and placing 16 Boston butts on it to slow cook.  Several neighbors pulled together a great meal that was the draw for Aycock’s National Night Out masses.  Our event, which also included a [...]

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A dirty job…

Are you watching David Wharton and his daughter as they renovate the bedroom? Day one, two, three, four, and five.

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Old Greensboro neighborhoods – in the news

Update: Wharton agrees.  A great feature article on local historic districts can be found in the ‘Homes’ section of today’s N&R.  The online version adds a photo gallery depicting life and architecture in Greensboro’s older neighborhoods.  They also added a set of buying tips for first-time buyers of older homes.  I say ‘first-time’, because those [...]

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YesWeekly on WMS: “…Let the hipsters have it”

Fully realizing I’m a week late, I had to point to Yes!Weekly’s editorial stance on the future of War Memorial Stadium, which appeared in their June 5th issue.  And a fine stance it is… “… promises were made, both to neighborhood residents and preservationists, that this old ballpark would not cease to be a live [...]

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