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RSS on the rise

AP via Excite: Enthusiasts Call Web Feed Next Big Thing (Link via brother Keith).  The aricle gives RSS background, current useage and a glimpse of the future.. “…Some of that upsurge was election year fever as Democratic presidential candidates led by Howard Dean daily turned on the RSS spigot to “broadcast” to supporters.  But Web feeds are no [...]

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Playing the Involvement Card

In last week’s Carolina Peacemaker, columnist Ed Whitfield praises my school board representative Deena Hayes’ courage while continuing the discussion on institutional racism in Guilford County schools. “Much of what she has been able to do is raise examples of institutional racism within our county school board’s policies and attitudes toward African American children, parents, communities, administrators [...]

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Roots of the Problem

Last week I commented on a report from Guilford County Schools that shows there has been little improvement in eliminating the difference between suspension rates among white and minority students over the years.  The Cincinnati Enquirer has a great article on the disparity of discipline referrals between the races in Southern Ohio’s public schools that identifies four intertwined reasons for [...]

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You won, Skip.

I am no fan of offering financial incentives to businesses as requisite for a locale being considered for new jobs, but incentives have become easy money for companies with jobs to throw around.  In the present economy local governments must pay or pass on the jobs and this will not change unless there is federal intervention (which [...]

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Traveler’s Advisory

I was born and raised (OK… reared) in Hodgenville, Kentucky for my first 20 years, which certainly qualifies me as a small town boy (pop. 2600).  To prove it, I still wave at every car I encounter on a two lane road.  My parents are still there and Dad keeps me abreast of all that is [...]

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Final Report – WMS Task Force

I just received the final recommendations of the War Memorial Stadium Task Force that outlines the future useage of the historic landmark which will be enjoying its last season as the nation’s oldest minor league ballpark this year.  This is the version that will be presented to the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Commission, of whcih [...]

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Old friends… jawin’ away

Snowed in with the kids so thought I would catch up on some email. I have referred to a great friend of mine from Kentucky, via Georgia, via Kentucky before.  Every now and again he and some current and ex-Kentuckians will start an email thread that can sometimes last for days.  The latest series has rambled between the presidential priimary, [...]

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Violation Part II – A Public Apology

I am hard pressed to single out my favorites among the list of  “The Things I Have Learned While Working for a Newspaper” that Lex Alexander compiled to mark the 20th anniversary of his entry into journalism. Here are some snippets that I, too, have had experience with… but read the whole thing: Feces wash out. [...]

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Violation Part II – A Public Apology

I believe that apologies should be as public as erroneous accusations and for that reason the Hoggard household will have to ask forgiveness from the man that we accused of invading our home.  It was a case of mistaken identity. Although the police arrested (and jailed overnight) the person that we accused of burglarizing our home back [...]

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Jerry Bledsoe, via email, responded to my post about Al Sharpton’s recent award, the N&R’s apparent tacit approval of him receiving it, and Rosemary Roberts’ column about the whole mess:  With his permission… “Saw your post on the Sharpton matter. I know Rosemary Roberts to be a sweet and honorable person. I doubt that she’s a [...]

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