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Trending down

Here is some evidence that the “War on Terror” might be working. (credit Drudge).

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Excellence at Aycock

Before any of you people get the impression that all is woe at Aycock Middle School… let me set the record straight.  Blogs, like newspapers, get more notice when they cover controversy and perhaps I have done too much of that in regards to my neighborhood’s namesake school. Tonight I went to the Aycock band [...]

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Going down hill as fast

I picked up a copy of the Greater Greensbor Observer yesterday (no web presence… still).  On the cover was a picture of Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier with the title “Seldom the Credit, Always the Blame”. “Good”, I thought, “finally someone is going to report that there are actually alot of good things that Dr. Grier has [...]

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Return of Blog-IT ergo sum

After a long hiatus, Jim Capo is again blogging… profusely.  Jim is the Libertarian candidate for Guilford County Commissioner in District 7. I haven’t yet had the time to go through the whole thing but he is has put up a well-linked post on Guilford County School Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier and The Horace Mann [...]

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Rancor at Aycock

Last night I attended the parent meeting at Aycock Middle School  that was to be a “celebration of the decision” to implement a school uniform policy next year according to a flyer that was mailed to all Aycock families.  It was far from a “celebration”.  Even though the phone survey that was conducted by Aycock staff [...]

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Not over yet

Quotes from the group discussion over at ABC of Guilford County regarding the re-assignment results for the High Point “Choice Plan” lottery: “I suppose in reality, the Guilford County School Board is proposiing spending $12 million for the net movenment of  50 students?   …I’m sure this won’t go over well with taxpayers throughout the county and in [...]

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Derby preparations

The case of mint julep glasses arrived from Louisville today marking the official time to begin cleaning the house for our Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday.  The glasses are different every year.  Some years the design has been downright ugly, others – like this year’s – are kinda cool.  Some folks come see us every year [...]

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A recruitment challenge?

The headline of today’s N&R reads: Most Get Schools They Chose. Every freshman in High Point who listed a preference of which high school they wanted to attend next year got exactly that… their school of choice.  A total of fifty students were assigned somewhere other than their ”home” school.  All fifty of those had decided not [...]

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I’ve been as quiet as a…

Blog silence was brought on by a little dead mouse.  Bought a new one – basic three button – $16 bucks. I’ve had enough of $60.00 cordless, wheeled, optic models that eat batteries like cheese.  I went through two in two years.

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Private vs Public Education

The “Inside Scoop” feature in today’s N&R mentions the problem that many High Point parents have with School Board member Garry Burnett because one of his children is enrolled at the private Greensboro Day School.  I included an email one of those parents sent to Burnett regarding the enrollment in a post on the High Point [...]

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