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More light on the subject

Update: I have now read the article three times because I wasn’t clear on all that was presented.  I have edited this post to reflect what I believe to be a better understanding of what was reported. *********************** Buck passing is becoming fast and furious down at City Hall over who knew or should have [...]

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That’s so ghetto

Friday I loaded my old and crippled Weber grill on my similarly old and crippled ’71 Ford truck and limped down to Aycock Middle to cook a couple of hundred hot dogs and hamburgers for a bunch of 7th grader’s year end picnic. Five guys were helping to set up by bringing out tables, condiments, [...]

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No mystery here…

Drudge Report: WHO IS IT? Hollywood Mystery Man ‘Rance‘ Has Internet Abuzz…   ”Could he really be, as some believe, Owen Wilson, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey or even George Clooney?” “Mysterious”?… “uses a pseudonym”?…  I know who it is: Link

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Partial coverage – the rest of the story

School Board meetings set aside 45 minute before each meeting for public comment. If they have more speakers than time, the overflow speakers must hold their comments until oh-my-God-o’clock to be heard.  Aycock Middle’s administration orchestrated such an impressive show of force to speak in favor of the recently proposed mandatory school uniforms last night [...]

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Lest we forget…

After tonight’s Board of Education meeting I went to Fisher’s and ran into one of the folks who was heavily involved in the anti-new-stadium fight last fall.  She was up on what occured today at the Court of Appeals in Raleigh and quite excited about the hearing.  As I noted a couple of weeks ago, at [...]

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Beggars beware

Most of the services and products any neighborhood needs can be found in our local shopping district centered around the intersection of Bessemer and Summit Avenues.  Among the many businesses in the area are shoe stores, Radio Shack, a record store, several restaurants (including my favorite – Mayberry’s), several car dealers, a great family market (Bessemer [...]

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Josie is elected

Around 4:00 yesterday, stay-at-home moms were on their respective porches and I was under my ’71 Ford pick’m’up truck trying to coax the transmission out of it’s favorite 2nd gear.  Daughter Josie was walking home from Aycock Middle and saw me crawling out from under the blue bomb. “I won”, she screamed and started jogging up [...]

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Now that the hoopla has died down…

If you will recall, back in September of last year Greensboro was embroiled in a debate over whether or not a new baseball stadium should be constructed downtown.  There was a referendum on the matter scheduled for the city-wide primaries on October 5th to decide the question.  The vote defeated the referendum and the new [...]

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Tough meeting

The N&R published an article back on April 28th entitled “Rebuilding Kiser“.  I wrote a long post on that Sunday pointing out the fact that the article could have just as well have written about Aycock Middle School… same problems…  frequent and repeated disruptions by some students, high rates of repeat suspensions, more frequent fighting, [...]

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Pitts concurs

Columnist Leonard Pitts on Bill Cosby’s remarks: “African Americans seldom publicly concede that some of the dysfunction suffered by the black underclass is self-inflicted for fear of giving aid and comfort to bigotry. So when analyzing racial progress or the lack thereof, black folk tend to emphasize racism. Whites, on the other hand, are often [...]

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