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Aycock School Uniforms – In the news

Update: Aycock Middle’s school uniform policy has now been formulated and distributed.   There is no mention of the high level of dissention among Aycock parents.  Quite the opposite, Principal Price is pushing forward and prefaces the policy’s details with this: 2004-2005 Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD) Criteria Thank you for continuing to provide input as we focus [...]

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Hoggard 4 (Student) Council

It’s just in the blood.  Tomorrow my rising 8th grade daughter Josie kicks off her campaign for 1st Vice President of Aycock Middle School’s Student Coucil. The race is fraught with issues and controversy and we have been strategizing all night about how to win the seat.  Every candidate is running on a “no school [...]

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Obvious to Sun

Mr. Sun is convinced that Congressional candidate Vernon Robinson has some closeted tendancies and they are best exposed in limerick form:             There once was a man named VernonWho hid his unnatural yearnin’      The more he pretended       The more he suspendedThe fire in his loins a-burnin’ Me thinks Mr. Sun may have a point and that [...]

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Talk amongst yourselves

Common wisdom says that as a white man, I can’t point an objective finger towards, nor suggest possible solutions to, problems within any ethnic/socio-economic group of which I am not a member.  That means that I can suggest that the Irish and the Scots might want to keep a close eye on their drinking habits, but I can’t suggest that, [...]

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I blew my ad budget

  Yesterday I placed a big ol’ BlogAd on Ed Cone’s weblog for the same reasons that, say… Ed might place an ad in a local weekly newpaper - eyeballs.  Why eyeballs you ask?  Eyeballs read advertising… so advertisers love eyeballs… so I love eyeballs… because eyeballs mean MONEY from advertising.  It’s just the by-God American Way. Make [...]

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Battling City Hall – An Aycock Pastime

******Long Post Alert****** There are several kinds of “Care Homes” that are legal as “accepted uses” within Greensboro’s zoning ordinances.  Each one of them has its own definition in the City’s Code: Maternal Care Home, Family Care Home, Group Care Facility et al. Zoning ordinances restrict the density of each type of Care Home to [...]

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“Moral equivalence”?

I have been having an email conversation with “Phred” who describes himself of being a “member of the Republican wing of the Republican party” Phred asked if he could send me some links to pictures of ”some other gruesome crimes not committted by US forces”.  Not being the real squeemish type, I wrote back and said [...]

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Stink update

Still no credit to my reporting, but the N&R’s Matt Williams did a good job covering the big stink over at Cone Mill’s White Oak this morning’s edition. Matt got to the root of the problem and found that the City of Greensboro is probably going to cite Cone Mills and the state is [...]

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This smells too

The big stink in East Greensboro apparently wafted into downtown and finally reached the N&R offices.  The question is… what alerted them to the story?  The blog or the smell? I have no way of knowing whether or not my local daily paper was the least bit influenced by my post on this subject yesterday which is [...]

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New Meat

The newest Guilford County blogger has been threatening, via email, to add her voice to the cacaphony for a while now.  In one I received just recently she was finally getting over her hesitance after many months of living vicariously: “There is so much good stuff out there. There’s a lot of crap, too. …I’m trying [...]

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