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No Change

Greensboro’s new baseball stadium is moving right along as you can see in Action Greensboro’s live webcam that is pointed at the construction site. I drive by there almost daily and take note of who is working on what because of promises that were made to help sway the vote to get the project underway between [...]

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I’m not a religious man and I tend to subscribe to “opiate of the masses” skepticicm.  However, I do believe in a higher Being.  Back in college I wrote a brilliant-to-my-mind essay entitled something like “God’s Ego”.  In it I opined that God, by whatever definition you choose to subscribe to, is all-powerful.  Of that [...]

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Damn, that hurt

“…Most of us who go to the games at Memorial Stadium just do not feel safe in the neighborhoods that surround the stadium.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was a nice place probably 20 years ago, but times have changed…” This sentiment, written by William Parson in a letter to the editor in today’s N&R, [...]

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Joseph Eugene Hoggard – aka Dad

It is better that someone else tell you about my Dad because anything I or my siblings might say could be dismissed as the ramblings of adoring children.  He has had a profound influence over not only his children’s lives – but also the lives of hundreds of other kids.  Dad was one of Kentucky’s [...]

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More blogs

Two new (to me) Guilford County blogs to report: GuilfordGOPNews is blogged by Gerry Goulder.  He is keeping up with all of the Republican in-fighting here in Guilford County and other GOPcentric stuff.  Gerry has been posting for quite a while and finally decided to let some others in on his blog. Sam’s Notes is by [...]

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Up and running

I’m baaaack. Several things transpired over the past week, most of which I will not even try to catch you up on but Jinni and Jesse came home last night around 10:00p bearing lots of Costa Rican gifts.  Among mine were several pounds of excellent Costa Rican coffee, a new coffee press and some Cuban [...]

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Casual burglary

We are a veritable repository of neighbor’s house keys.  Between me working on most every house in the neighborhood at one time or the other, some Hoggard putting up the mail for neighbors during an extended absence  and the kids keeping everyone’s animals fed during their owner’s vacations- we almost have a complete set of keys to the [...]

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Checking In

In case you’re wondering – I’m still here.  With Jinni and Jesse gone I just find myself in a bit of a tizzy – kinda rudderless.  With the break in the family routine I find my blogging time taken up by other things not the least of which is my recent purchase of a 1977 [...]

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Not returning calls

Update to my red light camera difficulties:  I called SafeLight yesterday morning @ 8:05a.  It is now 9:30p the following day.  I have not received a return call from the SafeLight folks who are supposed to be representing the interests of the citizens of Guilford County.

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Call off the dogs

Councilman Tom Phillips just called and said that the ordinance amendment regarding ending times for three-day special events might be a problem after all.  City Attorney Linda Miles alerted the Council to some unintended consequences of the amendment so they will re-visit the whole thing on Tuesday.  In other words, there will be a motion to [...]

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