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Rules is rules

Over at Greensboro is Talking, The Shu has questions about the rules of blogging vs. the rules of traditional journalists. My take is they are nearly the same.  I say “nearly” because I don’t know all of the rules.  The quote that he is chomping at the the bit to attribute has also been imparted [...]

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Winstead weighs in

Update:  Mike came back in and made additional comments and answers other commenter’s questions and concerns. Update II: Brother Keith in KY had a few things to say that were too unwieldy to place in the comments.  A veritable photo album, with comments is here. ********************** County Commissioner candidate Mike Winstead Jr. has joined the [...]

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Can’t live with them… nor without

Cell phones at school are becoming as ubiquitous as “lip gloss or combs” as many school districts are relaxing the rules on students having them at school according to this article in the NewYork Times (link via Drudge). I think this development is not necessarily a good thing, but an inevitable thing as a matter of [...]

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Coble said WHAT?

N&R reporter Matt Williams blogs about his interview with our Congressman Howard Coble over at The Inside Scoop. “Coble said ‘the post-invasion strategy was inadequate at best…. We’re there now and don’t appear to have a good strategy.” Williams then cites a 2002 N&R Coble interview which followed President Bush’s request of Congress for the [...]

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Wisdom absorbed on the way to the store

I went out for an errand a few minutes ago and had my radio tuned, as usual, to WUNC.  The program in progress was ”On Point” and tonight’s subject was the future of US foreign policy.  Former National Security Advisor Zbegniew Brezinski and former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, two men whom I have always admired, [...]

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Alternate Dress Days

I received the following from Aycock Middle School last night regarding dress, pay attention to the last part titled ‘Alternate Dress Days’: Dear Parent/Guardian, As we approach a change in season, I want to give some clarity about our dress code and provide direction about what children can wear on alternate dress days.  I will [...]

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Stadium stuff

Matt Williams reached me yesterday while I was ‘fixin’ the winders’ of a very impressive mansion over in Winston.  He was looking for some background on the story he filed in today’s N&R about War Memorial Stadium (WMS). Seems the City advertised an RFP (Request for Proposal) concerning WMS in the paper and it piqued [...]

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Thanks for asking

It’s a rainy day, so what else do I have to do?  Actually… plenty… but here I sit, bloggin’ away. The problem with sweeping rhetorical questions is that sometimes they have answers that the questioner wasn’t anticipating.  Such is the case in a Letter to the Editor in this morning’s N&R.  Greensboro resident Lisa Cobb [...]

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Ask hard questions, then eat the box lunch.

Over at The Lex Files resides some excellent advice for anyone, including me, who felt it was simply flattery to have been asked to serve on the Boards of non-profit organizations.  What you (we) should be feeling is a very real sense of fiscal responsibility. “… A tax exemption is a public trust. It’s up to you [...]

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Whole lotta bloggin’ going on

Look at what all The Shu found… I had no idea.

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