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I just can’t get my blog software to work from the road.  Pissin’ me right off, too. To a political junkie with an inoperable weblog, the last week has been like having to watch a porno movie with your hands tied behind your back… so I hear.  You can’t reach the remote to turn it [...]

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When you gotta go…

I’ve spent the morning working on a window bid for one of Bennett College’s historic rehabs.  All good stuff.  I was due in Charlotte @ 1:00p but obviously didn’t make my own deadline. There is a brewing story with regards to Thursday’s Board of Education candidate forum.  The forum was originally proposed as a joint [...]

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Where’d this come from?

Apparently when WFMY’s Frank Mickens contacted me last Friday he was trying to get a comment on some real news.  According to the story he filed, the City is considering a bond referendum for the renovation of War Memorial Stadium. I called David Wharton to find out what he knew about such a possibility and [...]

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This week’s Rhino carries a full page political ad saying that school superintendent Dr. Terry Grier has somehow turned school boaed members Kris Cooke and Dot Kearns into “Stepford Wives”.  The message of the ad is, I’m afraid, lost on me… but I’m sure faithful followers of the “Wives” might “get it”.  Anyway…. The ad [...]

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How’d you know that?….

I’ve been on many news sources’ “A” list as a contact for all things Aycock Neighborhood related for some time.  Whenever a local media outlet wants information about the many initiatives my neighborhood is juggling for implementation my cell phone rings. I got one of those calls Friday while I was on a ladder in [...]

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How’d you know that?….

Bin Laden.  The impending but predictable October surprise? (via Lex)

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Bob and Dale’s voter guide

I always look forward to Bob Page and Dale Fredericksen’s GLBT voter guide.  The guide is compliled by Greensboro GLSEN’s Gary Palmer. Bob and Dale (and kids) are an upstanding Greensboro family who take a lot of time assessing candidate’s views on “is they is, or is they isn’t” friendly toward issues related to the GLBT [...]

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Checking In

Just a quickie.  I’ve been in Charlotte since Monday fixin’ the winders.  I drove back to GSO last night so I could take care of some business in W.S. and in Fisher Park today.  Also, I had to get my TV time in by occupying seat during today’s 4:00 Parks & Rec Commission meeting.  Right [...]

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Accessible? Accountable?

As many of you know, I have been attempting find out the other side of the story of why school board candidate Bill Davidson resigned from Page High School last January.  Davidson’s account of the circumstances surrounding his resignation is quite benign but many folks have intimated that there was more to it than what he [...]

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Charlotte vs Greensboro: Is bigger better?  At first blush… no. Although the going in and going out requires a longer driving time, the pleasure derived from the activity is equal. Charlotte and Meck County’s elected bodies have some “issues” they are working through that mirror Greensboro/Guilford.  One that I am following (Observer: resgistration required) concerns [...]

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