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I’m outtahere…  I’m leaving lot’s of unfinished business here in GSO, mainly in my civic/volunteer world but that’s not what pays the bills. No laptop yet but I’m getting an education on the subject so I should be back and blogging by Monday.  After talking to Cone and others, it looks like I’ll be weaning [...]

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Heading off withdrawal symptoms/ A new perspective

The big Charlotte job starts tomorrow. I’ll be in the Queen City Monday through Friday.  How to stay in touch and feed my blogging addiction and keep in touch with my family and make sure I don’t miss any Nigerian business opprtunities and Valium offers?  One word – laptop. I went to a couple of [...]

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From the mouths of babes…

A couple of Sundays ago the N&R carried a guest editorial by Libby Rodenbough telling her side of Aycock’s school uniform experiment.  Libby is an eighth grader at the school. When I read the editorial, I was floored.  Not just by the arguments and experiences presented (which ARE eye opening), but by the sheer quality [...]

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Campaign ploy or sense of responsibility?

Over at the N&R’s Inside Scoop blog, reporter/blogger Mark Binker ‘splains the paper’s coverage of Commissioner Mike Barber’s efforts (PDF file via N&R) to get the Commissioners and the School Board to work together in order to head off additional violence in our schools.  The blog entry is an addendum to this morning’s coverage of the [...]

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A sense of backstage entitlement

I have spent most of my life on a stage.  Beginning with piano recitals at 6, my first band (The Uptight Society) performed for a high school homecoming dance when I was in 6th grade, in high school I came off the football field… changed clothes… then played keyboards and sang for many dances – both [...]

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‘Hood Happenin’s

The Aycock Neighborhood is the unofficial host of 98.7 “The Zone”‘s excellent ZoneFest which starts @ 10:00a today over at War Memorial Stadium – I can already hear them starting up.  We all have tickets, an amazing deal – 10 excellent bands for $9.87 (in advance).  Problem is, once you enter the stadium you can’t leave.  [...]

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