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An idea whose time has come

I like Billy Jones’ idea.  I like it alot. None of the local webloggers have enough readership to generate enough page reads to command any serious advertising money, but combined…?  I like it, Billy… sign me up.

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Thanks for checking in to “What’s Up With Jinni?”  This site is the section of Hogg’s Blog where I will post updates to what’s going on with the cancer part of our lives.For those of you who don’t know, a weblog is an online journal with entries arranged in reverse chronological order.  The first post [...]

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Jinni’s Journal

Of course I have read it before, but that was with the critical eye of a husband looking for mispellings and dangling participals. But reading it in the newspaper during my early morning solitude that I savor was a bit more, how should we say… emotive.Read Jinni’s Journal here, or better yet, go out and [...]

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Got a problem with electronic voting?

In a comment to my post about recent ballot irregularities here in Guilford County, the News & Record’s Mark Binker said he has “already pitched ” a story about the subject to his editors.After reading and contributing to the discussion, I suspect Binker figured he might as well mine his obvious resources when he floats this challenge… [...]

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A seasonal favorite

It started the day after Thanksgiving and the ‘hits‘ just keep on coming. Last year, about this time, I was stringing eleven-month-old lights on the Hoggard’s tannenbaum and of course half of them didn’t work.  So I got to checking on what was up with that. With my tongue embedded deeply in my cheek I [...]

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Here we go.

I spent part of my Sunday working on the “What’s Up With Jinni” portion of this weblog in advance of her first N&R column that will be published tomorrow. Maria J. feels as though, because of the subject matter of the column, many folks will want to contact Jinni directly, so we wanted to provide [...]

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News to me – Guilford County elections

Read what Lex has to say about The Declaration of Independence “reporting” from Reuters and Drudge.  He really dug in.  (Note to Lex: “Blogwhoring” off of my post works, and I don’t mind)

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News to me – Guilford County elections

I received this email last night from Joyce McCloy.  Joyce is the Coordinator for the NC Coalition for Verifiable Voting (Yahoo Group NCVerifiableVoting) and is heavily involved with watchdogging electronic voting throughout the state - IndyMedia, more, more. Now maybe I was otherwise occupied right after the election just passed and missed it, but I don’t think [...]

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Developing a story… Greensboro style

A different twist on the media food chain. Story-to-blog… Blog to newspaper contact…  Newspaper contact back to blog… Blog to personal diary…  Personal diary to newspaper… Newspaper to newspaper’s editor (in a comment to another post)…  Newspaper’s editor to newspaper editor’s blog telling his blog’s readers about an upcoming guest column about the original story-to-blog. Jinni has been working on her upcoming [...]

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What is our responsibility?

In a letter to the editor in today’s N&R, recent Grimsley H.S. graduate Jim Reed cuts through the mustard about how to we should regard continuously disruptive students in our schools: “…School officials, parents and even students have adopted an attitude that GCS owes the young people of our county an education. This sense of [...]

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