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We are as one, aren’t we?

There is some talk around about setting up a 2nd Piedmont BloggerCon for this summer here in Greensboro.  Although I would support the event here, we might do better to throw our support behind the upcoming Conference in Charlotte that Anonymoses has worked his butt off to pull together. Just get Dave and Co. to change [...]

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Michael Shiavo – Bigamist

I don’t scream at my radio often, but I did last evening while listening to NPR’s ‘On Point’ program regarding the Terri Shiavo case.  Two of the guests were Congressmen Barney Frank (D-Mass) and Phil Gingrey (R-GA).  While Frank made some Constitutional claims that were, in my opinion, quite weak about the righteousness of Congress’ intervention in [...]

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Questioning her decision…

Councilwoman Carmany has run into a problem in her first week of weblogging.  She posted her opinion on the Truth and Reconcilliation Project, but now at least one commenter is questioning how she arrived at her opinion, and is berating her for offering same.  To which she responds… “…I guess I need some advice from more [...]

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You get what you pay for….

I am just lying in wait for all of those folks who will be coming out in opposition to a proposed raise (N&R) for our School Board. Go ahead, give it your best shot. 

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This is defending marriage?

In the Terri Shiavo case, it just seems to me that those who are adamant in their “defense of marriage” are refusing to defend a basic right guaranteed to lawfully married couples: the right… and the obligation… to make life or death decisions for their spouses. Terri Shiavo’s cerebral cortex is gone. This whole thing sickens me. **************** [...]

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Live from the Green Bean

Welcome to the blogosphere McCall Pera with UPN 48. Sue, Sandy, Roch and I just finished taping a TV interview about local webblogging.  It will be aired tonight @ 10:00. Reporter McCall Pera asked all the right questions but then asked the important one: “How easy is it to set up a weblog?“  We showed her. [...]

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Lovin’ it, I am.

Why start a weblog?  To keep up with City Council member bloggers Phillips and Carmany.  Agree with them, or don’t… but now you know where they stand on these community issues. The Truth and Reconciliation Project: Councilwoman Carmany:  “…Despite the admirable credentials of the persons selected to serve on this commission, my underlying concern is that [...]

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Meekly, he admits…

Yeah, I know about the upcoming fundraiser for my family.  The initial group of organizers obtained our blessings before proceeding.  I’ve just been a bit too humbled to say anything about it . All I can offer is a big thank you to everyone who has had, or will have, anything to do with organizing, planning, or attending [...]

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Sandy Carmany blogs. Others are scared.

City Councilwoman Sandy Carmany has been a HoggsBlog reader almost since inception.  To her credit, not only does she read my and other local blogs, she frequently joins in and adds to the conversation via comments. Today Sandy becomes the fourth member of our City Council to start a weblog - it is called Sandy’s Place.  Welcome her.  She’ll [...]

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Move to Aycock, we’re pre-selling

In a sideways response to Allen Johnson’s wonderings, Wharton lets the cat out of the bag regarding the latest development coming to the Aycock Neighborhood in the near future.  There is even more to come. For the record, I am very much for the Dascalakis’ redevelopment of the old Dunleath property over on Chestnut Street.  [...]

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