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Under the knife

According to her last MRI, the tumor in Jinni’s left breast has shrunk by around 80% since she was first diagnosed with Stage II cancer back on November 3rd.  The machine could hardly detect any sign of the previously palpable tumor in the lymph nodes under her left arm.  The eighteen weeks of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy did [...]

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Claudette called

Today I must retract a statement I made yesterday in this post. I assumed that Councilwoman Burroughs-White decision to forward her motion to adopt the T&R related resolution, and, “…The quick second of the motion by Bellamy-Small seemed to demonstrate that Claudette’s motion had been in the cards all along.”  It was not. In a [...]

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Florence Gatten’s question and answer

During Tuesday night’s T&R vote, several members of our City Council took the opportunity to explain their positions in great detail.  The N&R has made all nine Council member’s comments available online in mp3 audio format. Simply check the size of the available files to discern who had the most to say (Mayor Holliday @ 3.2MB) or [...]

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Suggest and ye shall receive

I can’t imagine a more responsive newpaper.  Yesterday Cone made a suggestion on his blog about how to improve the N&R’s audio presence on the net.  It was acted upon today. Today I made a suggestion over at John Robinson’s place about an opportunity to expand their online coverage of last night’s City Council Truth [...]

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So much for reconciliation

Councilwoman Sandy Carmany stayed up longer than I did last night and put her thoughts down on the extraordinary events surrounding the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation (GTRC) vote.  She clearly explains what happened within the negotiations of our City Council, both in public and behind the scenes. It was obvious last night that the Council [...]

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It’s late… real late…

As you can see by the time stamp, I just got home but had to say something about what I witnessed tonight during the finale over the question of whether or not the City Coucil would endorse the Truth and Reconciliation (and this is important) PROCESS. Not to be confused with the endorsement of upcoming work [...]

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Live from City Hall

Blogging Live:   I decided to come to tonight’s City Council meeting after running into a friend of mine from the Westerwood Neighborhood who is speaking against a rezoning that would result in the demolition of three historic house near the intersection of Smith Street and Spring Street. Of course the Council will also be considering the [...]

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Regarding tonight’s T&R vote…

Update:  Roch Smith, Jr proposes this Truth and Reconcilliation Commission resolution for our City Council to consider this evening.  It sounds like something everyone should be able to agree to.  His proposed resolution would support the process but reserve any consideration or endorsement of the findings that may come from that process.  Good work Roch. Update II: Email from [...]

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Is this thing on?

Just so’s you won’t think I’m mad at you or anything… I’m not. An unbelievable pace of business and family has found me without time to keep in touch.  I’m keeping up, though. We made a monumental decision Saturday.  We have decided to go ahead and host our traditional Kentucky Derby Party in honor of the the [...]

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Don’t rile Lex.

Listen up, don’t get Lex Alexander riled, I’m tellin’ you… just don’t do it.  Because if you do rile Lex, like Sen. Bill Frist has gone and done with his Taliban-like pronouncements, you will have to suffer Lex’s wrath, like… “…I know for a fact that people of faith have not gotten together and asked [...]

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