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City Council shake up

Common wisdom within the local political scene seemed to hold that little was going to change in the makeup of our City Council during the upcoming election.  Boy were they (we) wrong. I ran into a City Council member today who told me of some shake-ups that were discussed among the members of council after last [...]

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Longing for the days of Billy Yow t-shirts

Cone and Sue are right – what an(other) embarrasment.  I can hear the multi-national board room discussions of relocating and expanding corporations reading this (now international) story and saying – “Yeah, man… that’s where we need to be.  That Guilford County, NC has got it goin’ on.” In the eyes of much of the world, and [...]

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If you are ever unfortunate enough to have to endure extended chemotherapy, you and your family may find a strange word to describe the treatments: routine.  How such a nightmarish procedure which, pre-diagnosis, was hardly ever mentioned in polite company, and then only in hushed voices, can become ‘normal’ part of a family’s every day life [...]

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Dunleath development

Big news over here in Aycock.  There is a large tract of land over on Chestnut Street that used to be known as Dunleath.  The mansion that graced the property since the Civil War was torn down many many years ago and the owner of the property, Demetrios Dascalakis, has submitted many different plans on how [...]

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Free speech on campus

New blogger Allison James and her friend (and blog commneter) Paul Elledge are taking on UNCG’s “free speech zones”… “…We will first try through diplomatic means to get UNCG to repeal these rules. If diplomacy fails, we will seek aid to bring a lawsuit against UNCG. I look forward to it. In the meantime, we will continue to [...]

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Is that all there was to the “Biz”

It is interesting, this blogging thing, and the times are changing fast. Friend Dave Beckwith of Charlotte (aka Anonymoses) emailed me today to join an enterprise called Carolina Blog Consultants.  Now I haven’t yet called or otherwise responded to Dave, but I think I get the gist of what he is trying to get going.  [...]

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Greensboro News & Podcast

Herb Everett is in charge of corraling and directing the teenagers who have volunteered to take over a portion of the N&R once a week.  But he is finding that his charges aren’t nearly as tech-hip as he is… “Its interesting to me that teens aren’t that into the technologies that are exploding…” Herb was an [...]

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Let’s take a look see

I was heartened when I first read that a bipartisan majority of our County Commissioners had requested two budget scenarios other than one County Mangager Willie Best had inititally developed.  The two requested budgets would respectively cut spending by 5% and 10%.  I just think that every once in a while it is a healthy exercise [...]

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I admit it. Twas I… but not alone

There was a letter to the editor in this morning’s N&R that I just couldn’t resist commenting on.  Susan and Richard Beard wrote a glowing bunch of accolades to those who brought First Horizon Park to fruition.  But their last sentence was a question: “….Who said the new stadium was a bad idea? “ I [...]

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Soon Frank may not need this, but you do.

Mr. Sun has convinced me to make an appointment to get some things checked out.  Even though his very fine, richly illustrated, account of a here-to-for mysterious medical procedure reveals the many indignities that must be endured for proper man-health, his encounter with the last of the wondrous testing machines gives me the strength to get through what [...]

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