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IT ‘numbskulls’

Ben Hwang is often heard railing against the traditional internet technology (IT) hierarchy, but rarely with such straightforward language… …Usually these are the same numbskulls that have never touched a linux box in their life, don’t know what CLI means, think open-source software means no support, and are paid somewhere between 50k-100k for technical fervor [...]

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I received an email from Roch over at this morning… Dear David,   I’m pleased to announce the new ad network for Greensboro bloggers. You can learn all about it at I hope you’ll participate.   Your’s Roch Smith Jr. I think Roch has put together a very fair schedule of compensation for [...]

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‘Helicoptor’ Hinson… it’s not too late to change

What a strange way to publicly announce one’s candidacy for sheriff of Guilford County…. by defending his idea that what our Sheriff’s Department really needs is a helicoptor. Now I don’t know Bob Hinson from Joe Blow.  He may be imminently qualified to head the department and from what I’ve read he is an intelligent guy.  But [...]

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Dunleath is a go

I spent the last two evenings on Aycock Neighborhood affairs.  Monday night was our board of directors meeting during which the results of a neighborhood-wide straw poll was presented on the question of whether not the residents approved of the site plan for a large lot on Chestnut Street known as Dunleath.  Tuesday evening was [...]

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Decision time… again

My Dad says wait as does my brother Keith.  Even though I have recieved some gratifying and surprising pledges of support for a run at the City Council, others, both online and off, concur with my Kentucky family.  Jinni and I both realize that all of the stars are in alignment for a winning run for the City Council [...]

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Dianne Bellamy-Small overlooked?

As I was checking this morning’s N&R for the corrections mentioned below, I noticed this curious one… “Greensboro City Council member Dianne Bellamy-Small says she attended Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings this month.  Two stories in the News & Record quoted a commission member as saying no council members attended.” Due to her standard [...]

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N&R corrections

I wasn’t the only reader who questioned some of the facts in Ed Hardin’s Sunday front-pager on First Horizon stadium.  Don Moore (the other one), seeing as he was in line at 4:30p for the 7:00p game, questioned Hardin’s statement about throngs of fans ”standing in the streets” waiting to get in “more than two hours” before the game [...]

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Speaking of stadium boosters.  Don Moore (the other one) attended last night’s Grasshopper game and came away with this souvenir which proves the old adage: To the victors go the spoils… This is one bobblehead that I would pay cash dollars for and I hear there may be some available.  Don reports in an email that [...]

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Overall, today’s N&R was a just a pleasure to read.  Just the right balance between many of the important and mundane events that make our community our community and many of the important and mundane events that make the rest of the world the rest of the world. Good job, guys.  Well done.

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Ed Hardin speaks the truth

Well, finally, First Horizon Stadium publicist (aka N&R Sports columnist) Ed Hardin acknowledged a couple of truths about why certain members of our community fought so hard to keep minor-league baseball as the main tenant for a renovated War Memorial Stadium (WMS). In today’s front page column heralding the new stadium’s 260,341st visitor, Hardin gives a [...]

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