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Question and answer

At-large Councilman Don Vaughan has posted his answers to the N&R’s city council candidate questionaire on his blog.  They are crossposted on Vaughan’s website.

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My advice… shoot to kill

Quoting from New Orleans’ Times-Picayune breaking news: ”People are leaving the Superdome to go to Canal Street to loot… ” (Link via the new and excellent Burlington, NC blogger David Boyd) ************** Update: Obviously the situation on the ground has changed since I posted this.  What I saw and read about two days ago was people [...]

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Unless you are privy to the titles to Cone’s posts, which only show up on the news feed summary at (ed. and other aggregators), you wouldn’t know today’s post mentioning Sen. Jesse Helms carried the following title: Sign of the apocalypse.  Heh. Ed, of late your titles are almost as good as your posts.  Unleash [...]

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Whoops… his bad

Psst.  Someone needs to tell District 1 City Council candidate Luther B. Falls that, despite the fact that it is a very important issue for all of Greensboro, the position he is seeking has little-to-nothing to do with providing citizens with “a quality education” (PDF file).  It would also be interesting to learn how he [...]

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“The sad state of black leadership in Guilford”

John Marshall Kilimanjaro, in this week’s Peacemaker laments “The sad state of black leadership in Guilford” and what he suggests to be his paper’s culpability in said ‘sad state’… “We suppose that, when asked individually, virtually every African American in Guilford county would agree that …our leadership, qualitatively, leaves much to be desired. Having said that, [...]

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Local candidate forum… Blogsboro style

Greensboro webloggers are coming of age in the political arena.  At the last Meetup we began planning for a local candidate forum in advance of the upcoming City Council elections.  The date and venue are as follows: “The candidates forum will be held Tuesday, September 27th at the Weatherspoon Art Gallery Auditorium on the UNC-G campus. [...]

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A high compliment indeed

I am blushing.  No, really… looky here… I am blushing like a little school girl. Yesterday I went over to virtually visit long-time N&R reporter and newly-minted blogger Jim Schlosser’s Architecture, Antiques and Artifacts blog and welcomed him to the local blogging scene.  He put up a very informative post about the looming re-contentiousness between [...]

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Caution to anonymous commenters

Yesterday, the title of this post from ThatsWhatzUp intrugued me when it showed up on Greensboro101 so went to read it.  A link provided carried me to an earlier post that was just as cryptic.  So I followed the link in that post that took me to an even earlier post entitled “I hear you [...]

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Ups and downs

I’ve been on many roller coasters over the years, but few can compare with the ups and downs experienced while getting cancer out of our lives.  Events of this past week will give an idea of what the ride is like. Jinni had her last chemo infusion last Friday.  In a celebratory mood, I went and [...]

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Local video

Tom Lassiter is shooting a promotional video for ConvergeSouth and came by my front porch this morning to get my take on some stuff for the piece. While here, I asked him what other video he has shot and he pointed me to this one.  Blumenthal’s – The Store With a Heart.  He says others [...]

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