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Jettisoning Don

When asked by the N&R editorial staff to produce “hard evidence of his leadership” during both of the last two city council election cycles, long-time at-large incumbent Don Vaughan couldn’t come up with anything of the sort. It cost him the N&R’s endorsement this time around in favor of Florence Gatten. That was a ballsy [...]

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Five questions

Speaking of how much time Maria Johnson has spent at the Hoggard abode… she came over a couple of weeks ago and ask me five questions about my weblog for a series in GoTriad.

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The cancer year

Marking the end of her breast cancer cure, the last of Jinni’s 35 radiation treatments will be administered this coming Thursday.  The day before, November 2nd, will mark the one year anniversary of her diagnosis.  After a year and a day of bad news, chemo, surgery, meatloaf, more chemo, more surgery, good news, laughter, nausea, financial devastation, community support, [...]

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Do you do Greensboro101?

I forget that not every local blog reader knows about Greensboro101.  But if you don’t check that site daily, you are missing out on some great stuff. The latest roundup of what is being posted on participating blogs can be found with a simple click of the mouse which takes you here.  In addition, Greensboro101′s editorial [...]

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The Game is on

According to the N&R, rapper The Game was arrested at Four Season’s yesterday.  The article says, “…the arrest stemmed from a confrontation that began when Taylor was asked to remove a Halloween mask he was wearing. According to the warrant, Taylor walked away from a police officer while being placed under arrest and said, ‘You [...]

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Questions of leadership and mission

Released yesterday, the Elon University Poll shows: “Fifty-six percent… disapproved or strongly disapproved of the president’s handling of the war in Iraq, while 41 percent approved or strongly approved.  The AP’s analysis (unposted – via N&R print) of the Elon poll shows: “More than half… – 51 percent - said they did not know if the war was worth [...]

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Covering Skip

Well I just don’t know what to make of it all.  The stairs at St. James Homes are receiving more N&R press than any construction project since the new baseball stadium.  Now I know the reason for it - Skip Alston being a lightening-conducting public official and all… but still, if feels like piling on. I can certainly [...]

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He wasn’t buying it…

Joelblog (aka ‘Greensboro NC Christian’) on Harriet Miers’ withdrawal:  “…I felt used and condescended to by the way her supporters “used” her Christian faith to try to win over the unconvinced conservative base.  …the use of Miers’ Christianity was like being told that I had to have major life threatening surgery, but that a PA, [...]

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‘Who killed school discipline?’

Long post alert.  I’ll move much of this off the front page later today.  If you have children in public schools… read it all the way through.  But if nothing else, please read the essay that I drew upon. **************** Since we are talking about school discipline and administrative efforts to win back control of the [...]

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Go to plan ‘G’…

Update 6:45p:  Aycock’s principal William Price just utilized the school’s phone notification system to refute the insinuation made by N&R noted below. Jinni received the recorded message and tells me that Mr. Price was quite adamant that there is no gang activity at Aycock. He went on to say that parents should contact the N&R to set [...]

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