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The last chapter… sort of.

Today’s N&R article about my family and cancer was hard to read, especially the things my children told reporter-turned-friend Maria Johnson.  Things that have slipped through the cracks and seeped into the seams of my family’s lives over the past year.  Things that seemed trivial at the time… but really aren’t. Yeah, I know 16 year-old Jackson [...]

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Does anyone know the pigs name?

Does anyone remember the name of the pig we had last year for about a week?  I checked the archives of my dads blog but i cant find it.  It is driving us crazy. So if you remember it email my dad. -Josie

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Yes!Weekly – two items

I assume that editor Brian Clarey wrote the ‘editor’s response’ to a letter-to-the-editor entitled “Stop the Bush Bashing“ published in this week’s Yes!Weekly. After refuting most of the statements made by writer Tessa Martin, Clarey punctuated his otherwise considered response with a zinger…  “…  Lady, you are an ass. And if you send us your address [...]

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ADD afflicted City Council?

I see that the City Council has decided (end of article) to divert bond funds away from improving the treacherous no-man’s-land connecting the Central Library to the Children’s Museum along Church Street.  This action was taken in order to relocate storm water and sewer lines currently running under the site of the Jones brothers’ Bellemeade Village development. While [...]

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At some point during the next 24 hours, Hogg’s Blog will host it’s 200,000th visitor according to Userland’s site report (currently #77 cumulatively). At some point during the next week (namely Wednesday), the man behind Hogg’s Blog will host his 50th birthday according my Mom. Both milestones will require a party, I’m sure.

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Oh, and then there’s Grimsley

Since I’m talking local football, let us not forget that Grimsley High School’s team could very well go the distance this year.  For my far-flung family and friends, Jackson’s team went 10-1 in the regular season, won the Metro 4-A title, and are seeded first in the 4-A West Division playoff bracket.  They won their first [...]

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Reading the sports section

Short of keeping up with Grimsley H.S.’s football coverage, I’m not much a customer for the N&R’s sports pages.  But reporter Robert Bell and girl-magnet/photographer (inside joke) Jerry Wolford’s series on Page High School’s football season has me captivated. I just don’t normally attribute Bell’s excellent and engaging narrative style to local sports writing, but [...]

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Short Hiatus

A busy week of mostly out of town work will result in a slow blogging week for the Hogg. Talk among yourselves for a while.  Open thread…

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Hey Y’all

Watch this.

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Mayor pro tempore Anderson

I just ran into mayor pro tem Yvonne Johnson in front of my house.  I congratulated her on her re-election Tuesday, then the discussion turned to whether or not the top at-large vote-getter, Sandra Anderson, was going to accept the pro-tem position. Yvonne says that she and Anderson had spoken about leaving things as they are, but [...]

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