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Two words for Greensboro

Yesterday, during the ‘Commissioner’s Comments’ portion of the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Commission, I used my time to relate a ‘point of personal privilege’.  Because the meeting is televised over cable Channel 13, it was the only way I could think of to thank my community in person for what it has done for my [...]

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Required reading

Are you not reading the “War on Christmas Dispatches“?  Maybe you can’t handle the truth. I instigated a pre-action skirmish as a prelude to this now raging war back in 2003.  Read it here.

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Enforcement lax? Let them wear slacks.

So, we read today that school uniforms are now finding their way into Rockingham County. They are going to start with a single elementary school and perhaps spread the policy to other schools in the future .  Rockingham officials are looking to oxford shirts and the like to “reduce or eliminate on-campus violence“, reduce “negative peer [...]

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Grimsley football multimedia

JR thought I might be impressed by N&R photographer Jerry Wolford’s multimedia presentation of some of the sights and sounds that occured during Grimsley’s state championship football game this past Saturday. JR was right.  Great job Jerry… not quite the Page (photo) treatment (podcast)… but great job.

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I’ve about had enough

All is not well in one of the schools my children attend.  A group of parents have been working in the background to try and get a handle on problems that can best be described as the anithesis of a proper learning environment.  But instead of getting better, it is getting worse. While most of the [...]

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Unlawful entry?

Roch Smith, Jr.: “Is it possible for government officials to enter your home without your permission or a search warrant? Ask Greensboro resident and local blogger Juan Vasquez and he will tell you yes — in Greensboro they do. City inspectors entered his home without his consent in March of 2004. There was no emergency. [...]

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Out of context defined

I’m sure there is a trade name for a small headline that supports a big headline, I’ll just call it a ‘sub-header’ for now, and I call a foul on one that the N&R used this morning. The story is about school superintentent Terry Grier’s suggestion that Guilford County might want to implement a couple [...]

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Race baiting billboards – bad… Cause – good

As points out, has targeted North Carolina with a billboard campaign to keep illegal aliens from acquiring a driver’s license.  And while I agree with Beth that the group’s first billboard smacks of race baiting, Taft Wireback’s reporting in this morning’s N&R bolsters’s core message:  Even in the wake of 9/11, it is far [...]

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Mr. Chairman…

…I offer a motion to adopt Rosenberg’s Rules of Order.  Do I hear a second?

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A city thanks its team

Even with loss, Whirlies win.  N&R reporter Robert Bell stitches together a fine tribute to the ’05 Grimsley football team.  Coming from a single high school county in Kentucky (LaRue), I grew up watching my entire community form car caravans filled with hopeful fans travelling to far-flung venues in support of their school’s atheletes and [...]

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