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Running alone

What a shame.  With all of the supposed dissatifaction with our school board and county commissioners, apparently few people think they can do a better job of leading us.  And I guess that includes me because I haven’t filed to run for school board in District 2 either, as some have urged me to do.  I [...]

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Another (tragic) case against replacement windows

I can’t even imagine the horror experienced by the two UNC-CH students as they felt the window give way after they ran into it, reportedly while horsing around, in the hallway of their dorm. Now a beloved (N&R) Smith H.S. grad is dead and another student from Asheville is in critical, but improving, condition. Perhaps [...]

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Reciprocal apologies

I notice in this morning’s N&R that Greensboro’s Islamic community is seeking an apology from Willy Hammer and The Rhino Times for publishing those two controversial cartoons last Thursday. From what I know of the Hammer boys, it will be a cold day in hell when that happens. Unless… Since it is reported that Mayor [...]

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Writing on the Chalkboard

The N&R’s Jennifer Fernandez ‘live blogged’ much of last night’s school board meeting at The Chalkboard.  This exhaustive meeting lasted well into the night and Jennifer & Co. did a yeoman’s job getting the finalized changes to Guilford County’s school redistricting on my sidewalk this morning. The running commentary was provided by several north High Point [...]

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Tough corporate love

Sandy Carmany has mulled RF Micro’s request for yet another economic incentive and comes up with some solid reasoning why she will vote ‘no’ during tonight’s City Council meeting. Among them… “The city (and the county) have already granted incentives to RFMD on three previous occasions. In my thinking, there ought to be a limit [...]

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War Memorial Stadium – The look inside

During the most recent (pdf file) meeting of the War Memorial Stadium Task Force, we dealt with what might happen under the stands within the various renovation scenarios. We also refined some aspects of the three seating capacity scenarios I showed you last week. Here is a picture showing the latest rendition of the 2500 [...]

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Test… can you hear me now?

Hang tight – new blog in the making? Update 9:00a Monday: Things are going swimmingly.  Sue Polinsky & Co. imported nearly 1500 posts into the new WordPress format without a hitch.  I realize the site is a bit plain-Jane for now, but I’ll jazz goose it up as time allows. All of my pictures, stories, [...]

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Making noise

A group of citizens and city staff started work on a new noise ordinance for Greensboro way back in July of ’04.  A final draft of the proposed law was completed and recommended by the group in April of ’05.  After all of that input and effort, City Attorney Terry Wood briefed our City Council [...]

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Extended stay

Here it is Saturday morning and I am still in Raleigh. Mechanical trouble kept me from heading home yesterday afternoon as planned but the needed part to fix my 1977 International Scout is expected in this morning. For the uninformed, International Harvester produced these SUV’s precursers so far back that people only knew to call [...]

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Preservation prevails

I read with interest this morning’s N&R story about how the voter-approved $3.1B higher education bond money is being spent to improve our local universities. This interests me because some of that $3.1B is making its way into my company’s coffers. For the uninitiated, my company is called Double Hung and our business is restoring [...]

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