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Well… that’s not exactly what we had in mind…

Roch Smith Jr. just couldn’t resist entering Chevrolet’s ‘Tahoe: The Apprentice’ contest where they urge everyone to submit ideas on how to best promote the new and improved 2007 Tahoe. You want truth in advertising?   You can’t handle truth in advertising. (Via Jay O.)

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Stockade the violence

This is really getting ridiculous.  We need to place one of these on the front lawn of every middle and high school in Guilford County… and we need to use it.  It is time to try a little public humiliation because whatever namby-pamby measures we currently have in place are obviously not working.

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There are roses to smell…

Just Shannon pauses among the chaos of life with her small children to give herself (and us) some sage advice… “…STOP  …Sit and hold the baby. STOP, sit and listen to your three year old’s hour long rendition of his favorite knock- knock joke while looking only at him as if he’s the only one [...]

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A volatile mess in Durham

The captains of Duke University’s men’s lacrosse team have issued a statement regarding allegations of gang-rape by members of their sqaud… “We (s)tated unequivocally that any allegation that a sexual assault or rape occurred is totally and transparently false.” Despite that, Duke’s president has suspended the balance of the highly ranked team’s season, ”…until there is [...]

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Preservation… Greensboro style

The curious thing about the impending demolition (N&R) of the circa 1875 Arbor House is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Although today’s article makes no mention of it, developer Chester Brown owns two sites suitable for his condominium project – one right across the street from the other.  The second site, directly across [...]

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A Strange product mix

Backdate: I must have missed Mark Binker’s story on Chakras weeks-old decision to not be a lottery outlet.  I don’t know about you, but that settles it for me, I’m taking my facial massage business elsewhere. The Capitol Beat provides a link (Excel file) to where you can lose spend your money on lottery tickets [...]

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Poetic decisions

Billy has a decision to make: Pursue his passion or keep his day job.

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No loop?

The N&R’s Eric Swenson provides a good recap of potential bond projects along with some preliminary reactions from several council members. Judging from the comments provided, the only project that appears doomed from the git go is Action Greensboro’s proposed Downtown Greenway Loop.  This reversal of fortunes suggests that the downtown booster organization may have [...]

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Greensboro connects

As Greensboro101 points out, Guarino is placing dots on a board representing past actions of Project Homestead, the Simkins PAC, our City Council and the chairwoman of Guilford County’s Commissioners.  However, the good doctor is leaving it up to the reader to make the connections.

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Mitch Johnson is plugging the leak

I agree with Cone that local blog-centric conversations among the press and politicians over the rightness or wrongness of the David Wray report leakage is “enormously important stuff”.  As a matter of fact it may well be a first anywhere.  However, the part of this whole thing that may become just as explosive as the [...]

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