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Prom night

Grimsley High School’s Junior/Senior prom is tonight so Jackson made his first ever trip to the tuxedo renter this week.  Today was a mad rush to figure out the finer points of French cuffs and the pitfalls of rental shoes and then secure a last minute corsage for his lovely date, Brianna. (More of a longtime friend [...]

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A project of “greater urgency”

I couldn’t agree more with an unposted N&R editorial from this past Thursday entitled “Auditioning for the Ballot”.  Recapping some of the myriad bond projects our City Council will consider placing before voters this coming November, the $32.7M needed for six new fire stations is correctly identified as one of the “likeliest contenders” to make the [...]

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Listen to Betty

Children don’t usually mince words, they just call ‘em as they see ‘em.  Take 13 year-old Betty Ogburn for example.  She wrote down some thoughts on our ailing schools and sent them in as a letter to the N&R’s editor. “…There is unacceptable ignorance, idiocy and laziness in our schools. I’m not speaking against those who try. [...]

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Attention Page Pirate fans

The result of last night’s rivalry-infused grudge match between Grimsley and Page High Schools’ boys lacrosse teams? The Page Pirates are no longer undefeated.  Page: 4  Grimsley: 12. Take THAT Coach Gr8ful.

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Every day is Christmas at the Ghatton household

If you had a son livng at home while attending college and he was receiving daily FedEx deliveries of high dollar electronic toys and such, how many of them would you sign for until you questioned where the money for said deliveries was coming from?  My answer is one. My favorite part of today’s almost-amusing N&R story about local [...]

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Killian on the nectar of the gods

Even though I don’t know him personally, it is obvious to me that Joe Killian is an exceedingly intelligent man with impeccable tastes.  I can tell all of this because he knows Bourbon, he knows what “single barrel” means, and he knows that liquor store owners aren’t de-facto Bourbon experts.

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Un’pop’ular confession

Rock Static has a confession:  “…I have a weakness for pop music.” Me too.  Always have it seems.  It started a little before The Beatles and continues to this day.  Although most folks won’t admit they enjoy the high-rotation songs of artists attaining what used to be termed “the top 40″, I do, at least for [...]

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Don’t touch the babies

The N&R has a sad report involving a 5 year-old girl who “…soiled herself while she was in the care of Rockingham County Schools’ after-school program at New Vision School.” Following her ‘accident’, the little girl was sent to the restroom until her mother, Toni Hamilton, could be contacted at work to come and get her.  Hamilton [...]

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Jinni and I, along with forty or so other friends and acquaintances, spent the weekend at the beach; Sunset Beach to be exact. The occasion was the 10th wedding anniversary of some dear friends of deep Irish descent who decided all those years ago to get hitched on their favorite ethnic holiday.  The combination of [...]

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Beware the Gay Games

The US government granted Designated Event Status to Gay Games VII and Cultural Festival to be held in Chicago this coming July.  According to the event’s website, this official designation grants a blanket waiver that will allow, “…non-U.S. citizens living with HIV/AIDS to travel to the United States to participate in or attend the Gay Games…” This federal [...]

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