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Wired for truth – the pundits

Mr. Sun on our polygraph-taking-for-naught City Council:  Throw Down in Tournament Town. Replete with soundtrack. Related and timely: Ed Cone terms it a Theater of the Absurd in his Sunday N&R column Extra related and timely: Responding to Allen Johnson’s column yesterday and a related Plead the First cartoon on the matter that also ran in Sunday’s [...]

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One week and counting

One week from today is the Kentucky Derby.  We have held a swinging Derby party every year for as long as I can remember and this year will be no different. The rule is this: If you have been to our shindig before, you are perpetually invited for all future Derby Parties.  We quit sending [...]

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Typing through tears

Marcus Kindley has lost his brother.  Link.

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Marching in support of illegal immigration

Beth writes in support of Greensboro’s Immigrant Rights Rally which is to be held this coming Monday.  She implores people to attend if they are, “…compassionate about ending the crucifixion of human beings simply for coming from the other side of the fence.” Now I’m a pretty compassionate guy but I’m not aware of any “crucifixions” [...]

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A friend lost a friend.  I thought you should all know about it.

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So much for public input

When it comes to participating in citizen initiative committees, The War Memorial Stadium Task Force (Wharton) may have been my swan’s song.  If the City Council’s preferred proposal for WMS renovation stands, I suspect others on that committee may have similar resolves including ignored “stake-holder” representatives from Greensboro College, NC A&T, the VFW, and city staff.  In the [...]

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At least apologize to residents

By David Hoggard  News & Record – 4/26/06 “I’m sorry for any pain I may have caused you.  Please accept my apology.â€?   That statement costs nothing to say, but its impact is invaluable.  I know this because I’m no stranger to apologizing. You’ll find it hard to believe, but I have made mistakes over [...]

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Danger ahead

I made Monday’s deadline for today’s debut as a columnist for the N&R with time to spare (actually 35 minutes).  My editor only had me do one re-write mainly due to the fact that the initial effort was a little over my 600 word limit (actually 85 words over).  One thing I can tell you is [...]

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“just hurry up guys”

JW on our City Council and criticisms thereof… “… these people, some of whom I know pretty well, are good folks. They’ve backed themselves into a corner. They’ll work their way out. Eventually. I’m impatient waiting for that to happen. But it’ll happen.”

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Local TV station gets it wrong… for a long time

Jay Ovittore noticed some glaring factual errors about party affiliation in a WXII-TV online story about Rep. Brad Miller nearly a week ago, the errors remain as of this writing. In the comments to Jay’s post, Capital Beater Mark Binker says of the gaffe:  “Miller’s a nice enough guy, and maybe has some cross-over appeal to some [...]

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