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One week in…

I don’t know how many signatures it will take before Dr. Grier will fell the need to respond to a petition that calls for his ouster, but I don’t believe 327, mostly from 272 zipcodes, is quite the number.

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Investigative blogging

The Troublemaker says he has fingered the people behind clandestine recordings that caused such a stir last week.

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Danger ahead in police sag

By David Hoggard News & Record – 4/26/06 “It’s just the tip of the icebergâ€?, is how Councilman Tom Phillips described it to me the other day.  He was characterizing what the public knows so far about the David Wray matter.   I believe Phillips knows of what he speaks and I further believe we [...]

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Give her a well deserved break

We are killing the golden calf… or something like that. Is it surprising when, through a weblog, only one member of our city council has made herself the lone target for the slings and arrows that rightfully should be directed to all nine of them, that the target might grow weary of being a human [...]

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Volunteers on assignment

Like mine, Stewart Pitman’s youth was punctuated with the communal exitement surrounding house fires in a small town and the volunteers that gathered to put them out.  But the difference between us is that Lenslinger was one of the volunteers.  A recent assignment took him and his camera truck up Highway 109 to Wallburg.  The experience took him [...]

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Picture in a mirror

To get a better feel for the scene I witnessed in the Durham County Courthouse on Tuesday, go out a buy a copy of today’s N&R.  The (unposted) photo of indicted Duke lacrosse player Collin Finnerty on the front page was taken by The AP’s Sarah Davis.  The photo accompanies a NY Times article providing [...]

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It walks, it quacks

Councilwoman Carmany on the latest leak involving Greensboro’s police department investigation: “…Believe me, I’m as frustrated as all of you are about how long this investigation is taking.” Meanwhile, members of our City Council were quoted in this morning’s N&R about efforts to, (as Tom Phillips puts it), ”flush out” the person who leaked the in-house investigative report [...]

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Petition drive

A strangely worded online petition to oust Terry Grier.  The document cites, “…the fact that most of the people in Guilford County would like him to be relieved of duty.” As of this morning 173 people have signed on.  A quick scan of zip codes doesn’t indicate much county-wide support for the petition so far.

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What’s in a name? Dust

Even though I wasn’t in Greensboro to witness the event, my Jinni informs me that Chester Brown finally had his short-sighted way with the Arbor House yesterday.  In short order, the bulldozers leveled another one of downtown Greensboro’s oldest and most significant structures. However, preservationists should take heart.  All is not lost.  With compliments to [...]

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another investigation? no comment.

A wierd revelation by GSO’s acting police Chief Bellamy.  In a press release, he reveals that some conversations by ”community members” were “secretly recorded” by a “non-sworn police employee“.  The N&R reports, “The circumstances surrounding these incidents are unclear …and under investigation.” Then, as a part of the cryptic press release, the acting chief shuts off the [...]

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