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Durham county courthouse

As I was driving to work on I-40 yesterday, the lead story on NPR’s Morning Edition caused me to take the Durham Freeway exit instead of heading straight to Raleigh.  I wanted to see exactly what a media frenzy looks like up close and personal.  I stayed for nearly two hours and ended up being [...]

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The Rhino is trying to make Hayes

On a few N&R blogs, some commenters have provided knee-jerk reactions to the Rhino Times’ reporting of possible conflicts of interest by school board member Deena Hayes.  However, if I were Ms. Hayes, I don’t think I would consider heeding calls for her resignation just yet. Although Rhino reporter-du-jour Jana Benscoter raises some interesting questions [...]

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Not to harp too much about my reconstituted pig depiction in the header above, but doesn’t the placement of the swine give a new meaning to the colon preceeding ‘Hogg’s Blog’.  Or is it just me?

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Grimsley still #4?

I drove home from Raleigh tonight to watch Grimsley’s lacrosse team take on Chapel Hill High School.  For those who are only aware of one notorious lacrosse team in NC, going into this game the Whirlies were ranked number four in the state; Chapel Hill was number one.  After tonight’s matchup, I’m disappointed to report that the rankings won’t change much.  [...]

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Yeehaa… Pictured pork

My pig is back in the header to my blog.  In addition, Altmedia101 ads have magically re-appeared in the sidebar. I feel so much better.

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Audience expansion…

Well I guess the cat has exited the bag.  Imagine that… me, a (slightly) paid columnist for the News & Record. When editorial chief Allen Johnson called about a month ago to offer me a bi-weekly spot on the op-ed pages, I accepted without much hesitation nor compensation.  The thing that clinched the deal for me [...]

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Scoutin’ out the beach

So, where ya been, Hoggard?  One word: beach… How’d ya get there?  Scout – no top, no sunscreen…. Have fun?… yup.  Sunburn?… you betcha. Why no blogging?  ….No internet access – even the phone didn’t work. How ya feel about that?  …Loved it. Ready to get back to it?  …Yup.  

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They probably drive Corvettes

Lenslinger has some history with private mall security types, or as he calls them, “trumped-up hall monitors“.  After critiqueing this related news footage out of New Jersey , Slinger offers a sage cautionary observation, “…the smaller the jurisdiction, the bigger the Napolean complex.”

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It’s probably now safe for everyone to protest too much

Now that we know that the chances of the SBI’s report on Project Homestead being released in its entirity are slim to none, I imagine we will get more and more city council members joining Carmany and Phillips’ call for full disclosure of what is contained in the report.  Since the report will probably never see the [...]

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Hangin’ double hungs

We are pretty much on schedule with the window fixin’ at NCSU’s Leazer Hall but the job is leaving little time for diversion.  My crew is up-and-at-em starting around 7:00a and we go until 5:00p most days.  Then, at least for me, the paperwork starts. Double Hung is a wood shop on wheels.  Part carpentry, part [...]

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