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How do you spell fun? sun.

And so it begins… again, Mr. Sun’s fourth year liveblogging the National Spelling Bee.  Maybe this year he will finally find some humor in the event and stop being so staid and mature about the whole thing.  He has enlisted the talents of Plead the First, (follow the asterisk for why Anthony agreed to do [...]

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Front porch politiking

Because of my party affiliation, I was unable to vote in yesterday’s Democratic runoff between sheriff candidates Blanks and Hinson and the N&R reports that eligible voters stayed away in droves as expected.  Eakes reports he was voter#12 1/2 hour before the polls closed in a his large precinct. As a reward for all that effort, [...]

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Preservation on wheels

If you, your kids or your dog have never seen a house move down the street on wheels, the spectacle will be in fine form this coming Saturday.  Jim Schlosser provides the relocation particulars of the Fisher Park event. Jim, previously and previouslyer with a photo.  Me, previously.

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“Have you read it?”

As Cone points out, there is a lot of information to be found in the tucked-away particulars of the TRC report. I especially appreciated Commissioner Rev. Mark Sills’ comments… (page 27 of the Annexes and Reflections section) “For me, the most significant aspect of our work has to do less with what happened on that [...]

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Cheap thrills

One of our traditions around here on Memorial weekend and the 4th of July is to go out and buy several cases of old time sodas for friends and neighbors to enjoy.  Yoohoo, IBC Cream soda and the like are still available in glass bottles and are in plentiful supply on our front porch in coolers [...]

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What music means to me…

I’m a musicman, as are my two siblings (one a musicwoman, however), because, in case you weren’t aware, our dad is a musicman.  Although now retired for decades, he’s still known as one of Kentucky’s all-time winningest and best high school band directors. I grew up, literally, in the middle of excellent marching bands.  So when I read [...]

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I am nearly half finished with the TRC report summary, but had to take a break and post the following excerpt – page 28.  “Imagine for a moment that these elements would have been racially reversed, viewed as a photographic negative. Imagine a group of demonstrators is holding a demonstration against black terrorism in the [...]

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Drumlines are the answer

By David Hoggard News & Record - 5/24/06 As our school board wrings its hands and scratches their collective heads trying to figure out how to close achievement gaps and reduce the number of disruptive students in our classrooms, some of our finest middle school teachers are fixing things on their own time.  And for the [...]

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Damn ridiculous

Update:  In the comments to this N&R letter to the editor, “Oak Ridge Runner” has this (and more) to say about what I had to say in my column regarding the donation that helped get Aycock’s drumline outfitted with drums back in ’04. “…he is so dishonest about it, that he neglects to mention that the [...]

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“Rough men”

Read what Lex has to say about sending “rough men” to battle in far away places carrying out the government’s (our) bidding.

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