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Shooting at Morningside

Andy Burton Coon has posted extended film footage of the 1979 “Death to the Klan” march.  Included is the gunfire and and chaotic aftermath of the event. Although I’ve seen the footage many times, I am always struck dumb by the amount of entrenched hatred and unbridled stupidity exhibited by both parties involved in the infamous conflict.

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Apology watch – week two

Update: Dianne’s son, Walter Andrew (I initially got his name wrong – more apologies), speaks up for his mother in the comments to a previous post. “…it seems that the whole city has branded her a liar and not to be trusted. that would hurt anyones feelings . my advice is to let it go for now [...]

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Dr. Van and music – making a huge difference in children’s lives

I’ve known Dr. Jane Van Middlesworth for quite awhile.  She taught band and orchestra for the last remaining Guilford County elementary instrumental music program at Jones Elementary.  ’Dr. Van’, as she is known, cried like a baby along with the rest of us following the final performance of that excellent program during my Josie’s elementary school [...]

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The rain is gone… for now

Friends helped a friend on State Street yesterday in the finest HoggFest tradition.  I haven’t heard a final tally of how much we raised to help Bobby Carroll, but the BBQ, fixin’s and drinks alone brought in nearly $1200.00.  When I told the subject of our affection the amount, Bobby said… “Damn, that’s two months rent.”  [...]

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Standing up for truth

My Jinni, on Herb’s ribs being ‘all that’, in a letter to the N&R… “I beg to differ“.

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Seems as though the N&R’s unrelenting boosterism of First Horizon Park hit a wall with their May 4th front pager.  Despite JR’s defense of the article, many readers continue to take exception to the message of the article:  People drink a lot of beer at the ballpark on Thursday nights. Although I think much of the [...]

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So, what’ll it be Mr. Rib Man?

Herb’s wife says her guy can fix some good ribs.  Then Herb goes all big-headed and boasts, “I am the rib man.”  But Mr. Sun has the real story with the unretouched picture to prove it. My lovely and talented wife took great exception to all the partisan boasting and quickly fired off a letter to Allen [...]

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Programming note

My blog has been bombarded with comment spam over the past 24 hours at the rate of a new one every 10 minutes or so.  Until further notice, I am blocking all comments that contain hyperlinks.  Hopefully WordPress will get a handle on the problem.

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Simkins PAC money

Guarino reports on what gives and who gets after looking over the Simpkins PAC’s finances. “…The apparent value delivered by the PAC to many of its donors was the strength of its endorsement.” For what it’s worth… When I ran for City Council in ’03, I was interviewed by the Simkins PAC membership (it was Michael [...]

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News from the other ‘alt’ weekly

Ed Whitfield, writing for the Carolina Peacemaker… “An effort to discredit the report soon to be issued by the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission has begun weeks before its official release. …commentaries have appeared prominently in the main daily newspaper questioning the integrity of the process up to this point and raising suspicions that the [...]

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