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Train Wreck

Update: The N&R has audio of the meeting here. I am surprised that the gallery wasn’t full during last night’s County Commissioner meeting.  I mean, come on, how many times in your life do you know, days in advance, exactly where to be sitting in order to witness a guaranteed train wreck?  Well I couldn’t resist, so I took a [...]

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Summer re-runs: The Skip and Billy Show

First off, I’m convinced that the Simkins PAC made the decision to weigh in on the Willie Best matter just to send Joe Guarino into a kinniption fit. But more to the point, I agree with Allen Johnson:  “…Unless the commissioners have got a very good reason — beyond personality and politics — this would [...]

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Forrester on T&R

Also unposted (now up, thanks Mike Fuchs) from today’s printed N&R is an opinion column on the T&RC report by former city councilman/county commissioner Chuck Forrester. Although Forrester dismisses the report as “…boring, over-reaching, predictable, socialist drivel“, and that only “…people who hate America will love it.”, it is obvious that he took the time [...]

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N&R sports headline yesterday: “Local roller hockey team brings home national title“.  But you already knew that.

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Hushed secrets

Sarah Beth Jones (site, blog), who’s N&R column alternates with mine on Wednesdays, hit the abortion issue nail square on the head today.  Her column is posted at her place. She argues, by relating a familial story of her great aunt’s death, that neither adamant pro-lifers nor earnest pro-choicers will ever gain the moral high-ground [...]

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Bond batting order

The Inside Scoop posts a tentative batting order for the 11 bonds Greensboro voters will be deciding upon come November.  From Margaret Banks’ post it sounds like Florence Gatten is being deferred to as the expert on where bonds will be placed for them to have the best chance of success at the ballot box.  Makes [...]

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We have a budget

Hopefully Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Groat will be able to get some sleep tonight…  Press release and other stuff at Sandy Carmany’s place.

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Head rush

No, the other head. (via Mental Floss)

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Go deeper, says Phillips

A conversation I had yesterday with City Councilman Tom Phillips regarding a neighborhood matter turned intriguing when he said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about this Truth & Reconciliation issue.” I wasn’t able to whip out a notepad during our conversation, so my recollection of the exact wording may be a bit off.  If it [...]

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Two threads, same subject

It is difficult to split one’s mind attempting to digest two conversations on the same topic occuring simultaneously, but because two separate conversations regarding local political “corruption” are getting written down you should be able to keep up without much effort. Guarino’s thread. … Mine.

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