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I almost wrecked my truck as I was driving down Lee St. towards the Coliseum a few evenings ago.  I was distracted by the light emanating from two synthetic palm trees in front of a new nightspot named ‘Jass’.  I was going to go back and take a picture of the place, but Lisa Scheer [...]

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Our fearless leader

I haven’t been to a Greensboro blogger MeetUp for a couple of months, but I’m sorry I missed last week’s because Sean Coon captured Billy the Blogging Poet in one of the following acts in this photo… Parting the crowds so Roch or Cara Michele could get to Panera Bread’s coffee urn, or Regaling bloggers with a tale [...]

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bird dogging Project Homestead

Guarino is at it again.  He keeps revisiting Greensboro’s Project Homestead scandal with a vengence, as if the money squandered by the now defunct non-profit homebuilder was his… which, of course, it was. (and mine and yours, too). This time he is comparing and contrasting the Enron case with Project Homestead’s non-case (at least the local DA [...]

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“Is this what america is turning to?…”

I was amused by the hypocrisy expressed in this N&R letter to the editor.  After witnessing (I suppose she couldn’t tear herself away) the slaughter of a goat in her neighbor’s yard, writer Ann Minish was outraged by the actions of her neighbors who, she otherwise says, “seem to be very nice“. After calling the police who [...]

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Focus people, focus

The comments just keep on coming below Cone’s post suggesting that the surviving CWP participants of the Morningside shootout might want to consider being the first to apologize for their role in that tragedy.  For the record, I think Ed is right on the money. But many of the comments just keep circling back to some version of [...]

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Abused by AOL

Patrick Eakes points to a phone recording of a guy trying desparately to cancel his AOL account.  The AOL ‘retention specialist on the other end is condescending, rude, and an ass in general. How that company keeps getting away with such abusive tactics is a mystery to me.

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I may have missed something, but I think today’s Photo to the Editor might have been a first for the N&R.  The photograph was provided by Betsey Baun, president of the Aycock Neighborhood Association.  The subject was last month’s dedication of the Max Thompson Bridge.

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Are a toilet and water too much to ask?

My every-fortnight-column in today’s N&R might make you go “eeeeeuuuwwww”.  Well join the crowd.  My neighbors and I have been living with it for at least five years and we’re pretty tired of it. After my editor, the esteemed Allen Johnson, read it for the first time he asked me something like, “… is this for [...]

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They are the champions

Our Jackson has been getting hit with 90mph hockey pucks playing roller hockey at the Greensboro Sportsplex and elsewhere for many, many years.  This past weekend he finally got his due for all of his dedication and hard work. After helping his Greensboro Spyders team win the U18 National Championship this past weekend in Columbia, SC, the eldest [...]

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New blog-meat

Friend, neighbor and N&R reporter extraordinaire Margaret Banks has taken on the job of city government reporter from the recently departed Eric Swenson.  With the job comes a free blog called The Inside Scoop which has been languishing for awhile IMHO.  Margaret will liven things up over there.  I am convinced of it.  To wit… [...]

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