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Ask, and ye shall not receive.

Several years ago, developer Marty Kotis approached the Aycock and Fisher Park Neighborhoods for input on a property he had just acquired.  Located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Wendover Ave. and N. Church Street, he wanted to know what we thought should become of the railroad-abutting parcel that had been home to [...]

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Rollin’ on the river

A couple of weeks ago, my Jinni asked what I wanted to do for Father’s Day.  Here’s what I said I wanted to do.  I’ve never been whitewater rafting, but I hear it is more fun than people are supposed to have. We were going to do the world-class upper Gauley but their rules say we [...]

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Cess pool politics

NC Supreme Court candidate Rachel Lea Hunter gets, posts and answers ”hate mail” on her website.  Read a few of them and her responses.  Here’s one of my favorites… Responding to James Parnell’s correspondence, which stated, among other things… “Drawing a crowd is not good if they’re jeering at you…” Hunter fires back:  “…As P.T. Barnum once said, [...]

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Queen Anne’s Revenge makes a comeback

Over at the N&R’s Capital Beat, Mark Binker posted the audio of how Blackbeard’s ship, or what’s left of it, put a cannon ball in the side of state funding for Greensboro’s Civil Rights Center & Museum yesterday.

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A calculator with my coffee

It is interesting the things you can glean from a short, to-the-point article in the newspaper if you happen to have a calculator on the kitchen table next to you while reading.  Case in point… Today’s N&R reports that GCS’s lead guy in human resources has been hired as the new superintendent for Tennessee’s Clarkesville-Montgomery [...]

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Roller hockey advocacy

Once they found out that their sport-of-choice was being all but eliminated by the city council’s straw poll decision to cut a SportsPlex position, local roller-hockey families are reacting with dismay, disappointment, and head-scratching as to how it all occured. In the comments at Sandy Carmany’s blog, hockey parent John Wrenn puts it this way… “Saying you [...]

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Just call me trailer trash

My first Greensboro home was mobile.  A “14-wide” manufactured by Oakwood Homes whose headquarters is out near PTI Airport.  So I empathize with Roy Smith’s plight as reported in the N&R this morning. Our trailer was already set up in Oakwood Forest out on US29 when I bought it back in 1982.  Jinni and I lived there for [...]

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Now, wait just a minute

Seems as though Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi made it to the promised land of doe-eyed virgins.  And, seems as though he found an internet cafe with dial up to let us in on all the fun he’s havin’.  And, seems a though it ain’t all that he thought he was promised.  And, seems as though you [...]

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Go east, young man

I kept meaning to blog about John Kavanagh’s purchase of the Pet Dairy property just so’s the N&R wouldn’t scoop me on the story… too late. We’ve known about the purchase of the Summit Avenue icon around Aycock for a couple of weeks and there has been much speculation if his development plans will retain the [...]

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Budget cut fatality

The City Council effectively killed roller-hockey in Greensboro yesterday.  The growth of participation in the sport has been hampered for many years because Greensboro has never had a regulation-sized rink like other cities our size. According to P&R Director Dan Maxson, there are no plans to remove the only remaining roller hockey surface at The SportsPlex.  [...]

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