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Not dead, just resting

I have noticed over the years that as we move into August, the local blogosphere tends to hit the doldrums.  I feel it coming again.  A bellweather for this annual occurance can be found with Mr. Sun’s full, month-long, eclipse. Although I’m not going to go that far, Hoggs Blog will be going dim for the [...]

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Double Hung times four

Yesterday will command a red letter on the Double Hung calendar for years to come.  First came the call from Hickory, NC.  Several weeks ago I was asked to intervene in a spat between that city’s preservation community and the Catawba County Center for the Arts (CCCA) that is housed in an adapted re-use of [...]

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Eating on East Market Street

Allen Johnson sees both good and bad things happening on East Market Street. He mentions that one of east Greensboro’s finest eating establishments might relocate into the old post office when that project gets underway: United House of Prayer (U-HOP to me and my neighbors).  That would be a good thing, because it is very [...]

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Crying wolf

Cone writes about Guilford County’s black leadership’s love/hate affair with the words “racist” and “racism” in this morning’s N&R. “…issues raised by the declaration (PDF file), such as unequal economic opportunity or the disproportionate school suspension rate for black students, reduce complex social issues to “racism,” which would seem to dilute the power of the word [...]

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Additions to

While I’ll not pretend to know what goes on down at the N&R’s Department of Blogs, I do now know that someone is coordinating something somehow.  It smells like Lex. For the longest time only about a third of their extensive line-up of blogs have been listed on Greensboro’s premier weblog aggregator, but a couple of [...]

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My new country doctor

How much do you pay for a visit to your family doctor?  $60.00?  $75?  More? Do you even know what their ‘reasonable and customary” charge actually is?  If you have health insurance, probably not.  All you care about is the ‘co-pay’, right? I went to get a complete physical yesterday at the offices of Dr. Mark Fields.  [...]

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Putting double entendre’ to work

A friend/neighbor of mine has been putting a logo together for my business.  I have noticed that everytime I put one of my old, boring yard signs in a customer’s yard – they get swiped in a day or so.  Could have something to do with the name… I just don’t know. That got me to [...]

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House of Xanadu stays after Guilford County’s black leadership.

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Headlines for better living

Inspired by WFMY News 2, David Boyd is going to make it more difficult for you to get out of bed tomorrow

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Minj again

Guess what I had for dinner:  Only the best wings on the face of the earth.  Minj Grill is open for business. I spoke with owners Niki and Matt and they never really said why they were closed for a while, but no matter… their Yuengling is cold and the “kicked-up” version of their wings are hot [...]

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