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Important stuff

Ben’s Mama died.

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TRC & City Council

It is all good news. I am especially impressed with Mayor Holliday for his leadership and Councilman Phillips for simply showing up.

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Dressed for success

Mr. Sun has a little secret.

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Local blogs alive and clicking

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the local blogosphere so I thought a few others ought to know about it.  My bi-weekly N&R column touches on just a few of the issues that local bloggers have been covering. If you are new to keeping up with Greensboro’s considerably exuberant line up of weblogs, a [...]

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A kernel of truth

I hope the N&R keeps publishing Maria C. Johnson as a columnist.  She can tell a story like few others.

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Tune in

I’ll be on the Dusty Dunn show with Yes! Weekly columnist Ogi Overman this morning @ 9:30 talking about whatever Ogi and Dusty have on their minds.  That’s WGOS – 1070 on your AM dial (or, rather, your digital display) Because of my experience with the weapon, one thing that is sure to come up [...]

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Davenport, Jr on Shelby Steele

I sure wish that yesterday’s N&R column by Charles Davenport, Jr. was posted somewhere, anywhere.  There is much to discuss in what he wrote about Greensboro’s black leadership and how The Declaration Against Intolerable Racism squares with Shelby Steele’s latest book, ”White Guilt“. I have read his 1999 Harper’s Magazine essay by the same name, and [...]

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Its a small world (To be continued… still)

More to come.  Right now I’ve got a N&R column to finish and windows to fix.   I’ll link back here as I add to this post and continue my regular blogging so you don’t have to keep wearing out your ”refresh” button. Double Hung’s latest project is fixing the windows in the soon-to-be world headquarters of The Rhino Times.  Yesterday, I [...]

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Hard luck stories abound

No Soap Radio… “The beggars are no longer content to sit on street corners or wander around gas stations at night. They’ve figured out where the people with jobs live, and they’re coming over.” We’ve had our fair share of hard-luck-story con games make the rounds in our neighborhood over the years.  To combat it, [...]

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Minj no more

It is a sad day for wing lovers in Greensboro.  South Elm Street’s Minj Grille is closed with a sign on the door directing inquiries to a telephone number which connects you to an attorney’s office.  (Previous coverage - me, Cone) My family just hates this development.  Son Jackson has been working there on weekends washing dishes and [...]

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