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Everything old is… well you know…

Last month’s Vanity Fair magazine contained a feature article entitled Greenwich’s Outrageous Fortunes.  The piece describes the over-the-top building boom up there that is being propogated by obscene amounts of money harvested from the sweat of those involved in “the trillion-dollar hedge fund business“. Laying out the logic behind the ‘need’ to build 30,000 sq ft [...]

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Yep, that’s me.  Ready for a little peace, love and rock’n roll. A special thanks goes out to my conniving daughter for not knowing how to keep a lid on my special urges of not being able to turn down an invitation to a ’70′s theme party.

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Research out of Durham

Racist attitudes are uncovered, but are not found to be much of a black/white issue.

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Putting Guilford County on the map

Looks like our very own Marcus Kindley may have really stepped in it this time with his particular brand of intolerance.  Just watch it grow.  First Matt hands it off to Pam’s House Blend, then Raw Story picks it up.  Where it will stop, only the AP knows. (hat tip to Sue) What an embarassment.  Here’s how Pam depicts [...]

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Reflections on “A Declaration Against Intolerable Racism”

Update: Related posts… Joel Gillespie, Floyd Stuart I have written and re-written my impressions of Friday’s rally on the steps of the Guilford County Courthouse and the post just gets longer and longer.  This is what I will usually do when I don’t know exactly what to say about a subject.  Truth is, I don’t [...]

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Greensboring had some time on her hands this weekend and made a Holliday video.

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In Best’s own words

The Carolina Peacemaker printed a Q&A with recently dismissed county manager Willie Best.  One of the questions asked was the obvious one… “Why do you think you were let go?”  Best replied:  “Well, they wanted to go in a different direction. Working in these conditions, you work at the pleasure of the board. So they’re going [...]

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Practicing the preaching

The Troublemaker attended Friday’s rally where we heard State Rep. Alma Adams give a speech in support a ‘living wage” which she identified a being $12.00 per hour in NC.  The lack of a statute for a ‘living wage’ is one of the 6 examples listed by black leaders of rampant racism in Guilford County.  Standing [...]

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You say commission, I say comouncil

I must say I am rather shocked by the still uncorrected inaccuracies contained in Joe Killian’s article about Friday’s black leadership rally on the steps leading to the building where ‘The Greensboro County Board of City Commissioners’ meet. Just to set the record straight: The County of Guilford is governed by a Board of Commissioners [...]

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Joe Killian gets comments.  Joe Killian erases comments. I don’t blame him.

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